Monday, April 24, 2006

The Psychedelic Rooster band - "Barlynez, a psychedelic rooster"[2006] @ 320 (Hypnotic and deep dark electro-psych)

Thanks to current technology many composers that can't afford a studio, can nowadays record their work at home, using their modest pc's in ways that 15 years ago were unthinkable.

This sitation has two sides. The wrong one is the invasion of tons of bad, easy made music. The right one is the release of great works like this, which Doktor Gnomegang has kindly sent us for publication in this blog.

The Psychedelic Rooster Band, produced by (or maybe a brainwave of...) the Doktor himself, has made a deep trip inside the farthest side of collective consciousness and from there, this dark, dense collection of sounds were taken to the surface.

The general flavor of the album is trippy, slightly oriental, rock influenced, nocturnal and dreamy. But it is not a cold an intellectual album. On the contrary it is highly emotional and it achieves what was meant to be achieved: an eulogy for lost friends, which is the same as an eulogy for lost loves, lost feelings, lost lives. It has a faint sad and beautiful flavor or maybe that's just my perception because the album is so rich that you might find something else inside its sonic laberynth.

The Psychedlic Rooster Band doesn't try to be "trendy". The synth sounds are creepy, vintage, abrassive. Like the sound of a ripping soul.

Not for heart fainted.

For the rest of us, highly recommended.

Keep Listening !!!

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