Saturday, April 15, 2006

Dissidenten - "Arab Shadows" [1985] @192 (Powerfull Middle Eastern Rock)

In 1981 the seminal kraut-fusion band Embryo had a crisis. The consequences of that crisis have been good for us, music lovers. In that year after Embryo travelled Afhanistan, India, Pakistan and other exotic locations to produce the glorious Embryo: Reise, Uwe Mulrich, the bass player decided that he was indeed a nomad. Exactly like one of those beduins he had seen in the desert, he was in need of wandering, but although the rest of Embryo members had in them the little devil of adventure, they also had family and bussiness to take care of, so they went back to Berlin while Mulrich recruited two more travellers like him: Marlon Klein and Frido Josch, thus forming what was called at the beginning "Embryo Dissidenten" (Dissidents from Embryo), later to retain the first part of the name. A legend was born.

In 1981 and 82 they travelled accross half India and played with the famous Karnakata College of Percussion. They also joined fellow american sax-adventurer Charlie Mariano, and extraodinary singer Ramamani, from Bangalore.

In 1983 they relocated to Morocco and there with the help of producer and friend Sultan Abdessalam Akaaboune, they released "Sahara Elektrik"and album like no other the world had seen before, an audacious intrution in a world forbidden to western man. An album that has proven to be extensively influential along the last two decades, not only opening the ears of western rock listeners to middle eastern music but aslo helping some arabic artist to penetrate the western world, notably the now famous Cheb Khaled, Chaba Faddella, Rabi Abou Khalil, Safy Boutella and many others.

In 1984, John Peel, the most influential radio DJ of all time, plays Dissidenten in his radio show,. Soon afterwards they get to hit the independent music charts in France and Italy, and surprinsingly, Canada. That year they release their second album, "Life at the Pyramids", another success, although the music is far from being commercial pop.

In 1985 they toured USA and Canada and from that tour the publish "Live in New York" which is an incredible live album (and which I should post here in the future)

1986 was the year "Arab Shadows" was published, being this album a compilation of their earlier studio work, and a good start to get into this explorers musical imagination.

I will not tell the story of Dissidenten during the 90's and afterwards. I'd rather invite you all to buy their albums and find out more of this pioneering ensemble's music. It is highly recommended.

In times like these impregantes by intolerance and misunderstanding. In an age of blatant distrust between the west and the middle east. In these times of opressions and aggressions, is when we need music more.

We need more music indeed , more art, more philosophy and less bulletts and political bullshit.

We need more 1001 Nights, less Mein Kampf.

We need Dissidenten.

So be a nomad now.

Travel here.

Keep Listening!!!


Anonymous said...

It's sad that the geniuses behind Dissidenten's Sahara Elektrik are not mentioned in any article i 've read about it..The great Moroccan band LEMCHAHEB "The shooting stars". All the songs compiled in that album belong to them.

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Hello hello Rotterdam calling
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please re-upload.. send me the link

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Please reupload, and thanks!

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