Thursday, April 06, 2006

Savant (Kerry Leimer) - "The Neo Realist at Risk" [1982] @256 (Extraordinary Eno influenced experimental electro ambient, maybe)

I trully hesitated about posting this album, because I really want you all to buy it. (yeah it is available, keep reading). The problem is that Mr. Leimer seems to have been forgotten and erased from the mind of music collectors and even those who specialize in rare electronica do not remember him or never heard of him. I feel that is important to make him known.
The cause of this tragedy is that the distribution of Leimer's album during the 80's was really limited due to the fact that he was a rabid independent artist, doing everything thru his own label named Palace of Lights (or simply PoL).
Under that label he published other very interestings electronic and forefathers of ambient like Marc Barreca or Roy Finch.
Under the pseudonym "Savant", he created The Neo Realist, an album in which Eno influence is very obvious, but that influence doesn't go as far as imitating some of Eno's biggest bundlers (Music for Airports, arggg..!). He doesn't get as antiseptic or cold as Eno gets sometimes, at least not in this album.
Be warned, if you felt attracted by the word "Eno" at the begining of the post and you like the drier side of Eno or if you are looking for glacial and icy sounds that will leave you untouched... well ... this is not what you want. But if you want weird and phlegmatic experiments with synths and spoken word, crazy rythms à la Bush of Ghosts, schizoid moments impregnated with subtle noise... well then.... this excellent album is definetaly your Holy Grail.

Kerry Leimer is half retired from music making, but he re edited his albums in CD format in a new incarnation of Palace of Lights, so I encourage you all to buy his albums here:

You'll be rewarded with a lot of good music, a hidden treasure done by a secret visionary. By the way, there're some mp3's there that you can download for free.

Leimer says in his website that he tried to make a rock album with this one, but fortunately, he failed utterly and we got something else. Something that sounds really fresh even 25 years later. In a way, we can say that this album was decades ahead of his time. It feels really contemporary.
Believe me, you need this album.

Keep Listening!!!

>>>>Link deleted by kind request of Mark Jung of Palace of Lights but it's ok..because you MUST have this album so... buy it! And the other PoL albums too!

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