Tuesday, April 04, 2006

XXVIIth Annual ProgNotFroggers meeting at Baden-Baden (*)

(*) or was it at Berlin-Berlin, no no... Hamburg-Hamburg... whatever...

It's a great honour to present to you all ladies, these inedit images taken during our XXXVIIth Annual PorgNotFrogger'sMeeting. The first image shows the welcoming party, commanded by the Chairman, the Honorable Herr Guido Von Seebaer, who can be easily recognized because of his peculiar smile sitting there, in the front row.
After the welcoming party danced for all of us acompanied by the Technokraut Orkestra, Chairman Seebaer proceded to invite us all to a more intimate concert performed by Udo Gutumumnbergenheinsen who played his suite "My sax is as big as my...hope".

After that, we all had all kinds of intoxicating beverages and when we were all really out of our heads, our beloved Chairman declared that we could start the seminars and speeches on our favorite subject which is:

"What the heck is prog rock anyway?"

Followed by the mindboggling new and never explored before...

"What's wrong about Dream Theater?"

Which was received with certain eskepticism by the general public, but which didn't cause as much controversy as the final forum:

"Neo-prog makes me puke. Period",

by that radical who call himslef The Herbalist,
fundamentalist and dangerous guy and his accomplice, one mysterious person who hides behind the aliases of Fred, Rolf and even worst and more obscene and blasphemous names.

There were demonstration all over the planet against us, or supporting us, we're not sure. (see the intensity of the images)

It ended badly, with much uproar, riots and looting. I don't think we'll ever be invited again to that city-city. Herr Seebaer spilled bitter tears but at the end declared himself satisfied with the results and received the keys of the town, so he could leave and close the door behind him.

We should have thenext (XXXVIIIth) Meeting at Nahavanda's Temple in southern India, or in The Holy land under the proctection of Lord Ran. It will be much better than this disaster we have just witnessed and described for you all, ladies.

God bless you good people. The rest... sod off.

And remember, keep your children away from weird music.

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