Sunday, April 02, 2006

Bram Laan -"Aloft in a Baloon" [1980] @320 (Excellent Peter Gabriel alike singer-author)

Well... this album is an enigma. Actually one of the most intriguing records I've ever bought. Bram Laan is an utterly unknown dutch singer, composer and guitar player who does not hide his deep admiration for Peter Gabriel. A feeling that went as far as imitating his idol, which is not a capital sin, specially considering that the result (I quote a friend here) "is not exactly identical to Gabriel" and "it is much better that some weak Gabriel moments". The minor differences between both artists are delicious. Gabriel can't play guitar, but Laan can and quite well. Thus the differences start when you realize that this album was thought with the brain of a guitar player, achieving something that can be playful and joyful, specially when the acoustic guitar is left free to roam the alleys of the songs. At some points you might think the album is going to turn to folk or pop. But no... it turns into something, light, well crafted and very enjoyable. Here and there you'll listen to an electronic vignette with effects that make things even funnier. Nothing is overwhelming or pretentious here. Laan manages to keep things under control at every moment of this happily long album(originally edited as a double LP).
I am sure that after you download this work you will want to know about Laan. Be prepared to find very scarce information. He has a very simple website in which he seems more concerned about his family life, than about his music. He also seems to be totally unaware that he released a great album 25 years ago. It looks like (at least that's what I got from altavista translator) he spent the 90's doing music for commercials and now he is a music teacher and a loving father.

If it were only for this album Bran Laan deserves Heaven. If Heaven for him is being with his children, wife and dog and doing nothing but playing in family picnics that's ok with me. I am grateful enough for this album and you'll be too.

Keep Listening!!!


Anonymous said...

thanks very much for this interesting music > there is small trouble = rar unpacker ask for part 3 - i can't find it.
Jacek (Poland)

Seebaer said...

true, i get the same message

Anonymous said...

Now it's OK - thanks :)

Anonymous said...

Many many Thanks. This is great stuff !!!


Peterpaul said...
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Peterpaul said...

Great! This music i had heard 25 years ago on my (dutch) radio. I never could find and buy the album...
I wonder how you got the mp3-files? I am a very happy man :-)

Anonymous said...

I bougth this Vinyl in Venezuela, in 1981, where a grow up, I'd transfer it to CD, with a good quality.

don willard said... or are sides you can download Bram Laan Mp 3
The side of his producer and co-writer Don Willard Owner of the Music Farm Studio.

The Nether Lute Dude

Anonymous said...

I know this is a very old post but would it be possible to get a re-up? Thanks!

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