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Gentle Giant - "Playing the Foole in Wonderland" [1975] @VBR (Best Bootleg ever?)

I hate bootlegs but....Viva Minnear! Viva Shulman & Shulman & Shulman! Viva Weathers & Green!!!

"Playing the Foole in Wonderland" was recorded during the 1975 Gentle Giant tour. That same year the "Official Playing the Fool Live" was recorded and edited.

This recording (of great sound quality) shows Gentle Giant at the peak of their energy level on stage. They were so special that it is not crazy to say that possibly there will never be another band like this in popular music. Their playing skills in concert belong to the classical enviroment, not to rock and Roll. But they also knew that pure virtuosism wasn't enough, that having fun while playing was important too. That's why they always left room for creativity, playfullness and improvisation, specially in those songs with long instrumental interludes like So Sincere. You'll also listen to another unforgetable xylophone solo by Mr. Kerry Minnear in "Funny ways".

I never got to see them live but listening to bootlegs and watching old videos one can guess that every Gentle Giant concert was a very unique experience. I feel sad everytime I realize that this is not a band whose members will ever reunite again. Pity. Earth could be a better place if they do.

Keep Listening!!!

Note added later (thanks faugn for this information)

This is the same as Playing The Foole, but with an additional track, March of the Trolls, written and played by another band. Allegedly, it was the high school band of the person who issued the record, out of his parents' house in Orange County near Los Angeles.

The notes at the bottom of the album cover read: "Recorded on stage in January 1975 at the Utland Communicable Concourse/The Power and The Glory is from the studio/Edited by Deek himself/for him, sincerely/stereo/Takrl 1943


Anonymous said...

Many thanks from a GG fan :•)

walknthabass said...

Very very cool! Thanks a lot. I had not seen this.

So, you think there will never be another band like Gentle Giant - huh?

Check out my friends' band "All the Tea in China" latest CD "All Ears" (especially the song "Spontaneous" - shades of GG indeed!)". Maybe not that popular, but for a bunch of older gentlemen from Texas . . . not bad!

You'll be pleasantly surprised!

Listen to clips at:

Unknown said...

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Richard said...

This has been one of the most treasured albums in my collection.
Just found your blog while looking for more info about it. Thanks.
I was fortunate enough to see them at the Paramount Theatre in Seattle around that time and it was one of the most wonderful shows of the decade!

Anonymous said...

any chance of a re-up on this one? I have a vinyl copy of this that received the abuse of my teen years that I still treasure but is completely beyond restoration.

GG....the finest hidden eccentric musical gem ever!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Not to split hairs, but the solo on Funny Ways by Kerry is on the vibraphone, or vibes, not the xylophone! No Biggie!
(p.s. a much better sounding version of this radio show from a master tape, with the station ids and promos included, was shared on the torrent site Dimeadozen last year--worth searching for!!)

Lev A, N, B, said...

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