Sunday, April 16, 2006

Fuzzy Duck - "Fuzzy Duck" [1971] @ 256 (Exceptional early prog rock) Kindly Submitted by BlackwatchPlaid

Reviewed by: Keith "Muzikman" Hannaleck, March 2002 .

This LP is a highly coveted classic piece of U.K. underground progressive rock and psychedelia; it was originally issued in a scant pressing of five hundred copies in 1971. Actually, you will be hard pressed to find a vinyl copy now as well because Akarma seems to be the only label appreciative of this fine work.

The album reached celebrated standing by association, as it featured bass player Mick 'Doc' Hawksworth (Five Day Week Straw People and Andromeda), and keyboardist Roy 'Daze' Sharland (Crazy World Of Arthur Brown and Spice). Also Paul Francis (drums) and Grahame White (guitar) contribute largely to the effort. An interesting note is that the electric cello and the cricket bat are played by Hawksworth. Who knows how the hell one would play the cricket bat...well, you know it was the sixties, it was open and free and an anything goes attitude prevailed.

First of all, you have to just love the cover, what great period artwork. It looks like something straight out of the San Francisco/Haight-Ashbury scene of the sixties. It's so totally hippie, you have to love it. The music is very advanced for its time. The sound quality is fair. If it was remastered once again and brightened up a bit the entire LP would be astounding. Regardless of my focus on detail regarding the sound, I think this was an excellent album. The best example of where this group was at formatively is the track "In Our Time." The entire album is exceptional, as are the bonus tracks. Comparisons with Camel and Wishbone Ash will be inevitable once you give this a really good listen. If you like driving guitars and the pumping Hammond organ, this will be your cup of tea. This is early prog-rock at its best.

Mick 'Doc' Hawksworth - bass, electric cello and cricket bat
Roy 'Daze' Sharland - keyboards
Paul Francis - drums
Grahame White -guitar

Total Time: 54:21

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Anonymous said...

The Herbalist ain't bullshittin'. This is excellent. I'd rate it as highly as Deep Purple or Atomic Rooster and the drums are just as loud as the aforementioned groups. Where's my vaporizer?

Jaime Antonio Alvarez said...

Thanks for the compliment but the honor should go to BlackwatchPlaid,. he's another meber of the team. He submitted this one and Bodkin, also really good.
Keep visiting us Herbman...
Thanks again.

Keep Listening!!!

Anonymous said...

thanks for this exellent album!!
i don't know this group at all so is a trippy music with grat rythm and beautiful organ

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