Saturday, September 09, 2006

Carolanne Pegg - "Carolanne" {UK} [1973] @192 (Powerful Female Balladry)

I have always been a fan of the Yorkshire folk act Mr. Fox, whose two albums are classics of the genre (Mr. Fox and The Gypsy) but recently I discovered the first solo album of one of the two Mr foxCarolanne Pegg Oh boys!, what a powerful voice, this is truly amazing!.

After leaving Mr Fox -her first band were she played with her husband Bob- Carolanne Pegg recorded in 1973 his eponymous first solo album.

This work last almost 50 minutes, all the tracks were written by Carolanne itself, except the first track (a Judy Collins cover) and "Man of War" written with H Weightman.

In words of Mark Coyle: "Like her work with Mr Fox, Ms Pegg’s solo music is folk in style and sound rather than being modern renditions of traditional song a la Steeleye Span and Pentangle. Although Track 5 Fair Fortune’s Star (which sounds like a long lost Child’s ballad) is reminiscent of her previous work, most of the songs aren’t. On this album, Ms Pegg uses a broader musical palette than before, with some songs, most notably Track 6 Clancy’s Song, having an almost country feel to them. Whatever their style, many of the songs have brooding, melancholy, if menacing, feel to them. This is most noticeable on Tack 4 The Sapphire. Track 7 The Lady and The Well, and Track 11 Winter People (the outstanding track on the album) and is achieved through Ms Pegg’s distinctive voice, and singing style (which I’m not going to even try and describe)."

For me this album need some listenings before it cast its spell, but believe me it will be engraved on your head!! a must for any folk collection, PERIOD!


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Carolanne Pegg-"Winter people"
Carolanne Pegg-"The Sapphire"


Algarnas said...

Here's the Link
Carolanne Pegg-"Carolanne"

Anonymous said...

I have this album on an old cassette and agree with all your comments...she has an unusual voice which really suits the material. An excellent album...I wish she had done more.

Algarnas said...

Indeed!,I will investigate for other C.Pegg Albums. Thanks for your support.

Anonymous said...

I know of two others besides this one (and the Mr. Fox albums). Both were folkier duets with Bob and I think one was She Came From The Mountains and the other was a collection of Sydney Carter songs and I think is called And Now It Is Early. I've never heard the first one, but I once had a cassette of the second. It was amazing!

I'm not certain whether she recorded anything in her short time with Graham Bond in his Magus phase.

Thanks for the post, I am playing it often.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for this record, I'm more of a flok fan that a prog one, and whenever you post a folk oriented album, it's always get to me.
So thank you again for a fantastic blog and know that your hard work is appreciated even though too few people (incliding myself) express themselves about it.

Algarnas said...

Shahcar i'm myself a folk enthusiast more than a "progger", you can be sure that you will always find here a lot of folk & folk/rock.

Thanks for your support!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I love this album but the link has expired. Can anyone re-upload it? I would be so grateful!!! This is such a fantastic blog. Well done. Keep up the great work!

Anonymous said...

Any chance of this work being re-posted ?

Great blog

Anonymous said...

repost please!

isabelbc said...

new link:

Antony One said...

Crowning Glororious music, knocks out any competition. Ageless. Winter People tops

AOR-BRAZIL said...

Cool album!!

pholas said...

hope you can post links again.... missed it and unavalable elsewhere

Unknown said...

Thanks so much for this review. Do you know that the album is being re-released by Cherry Red on Friday (30 June 2017). All best, Carolanne.

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