Thursday, September 21, 2006

Pangée - ''Hymnemonde'' {Canada} [1995] @192 (Dark, instrumental art rock)

Their name comes from one of the two original continents at the birth of planet Earth, the other being Gondwanna. This band only managed one album (so far) and no news have filtered through for another. The album is of a conceptual nature, is totally instrumental and deals with the early mythology of our planet.

The band obviously takes its inspiration from the "classic" 70's era, the band does not sound like a 70's retro act. If someone told me this album was from France circa 1976 I would have had no reason to doubt it, as it exhibits many of the hallmarks of that country's best bands; dark, lengthy instrumental suites and gorgeous, apocalyptic climaxes rife with smoldering guitar and an array of analog synthesizers. Most importantly, manage to imbibe Pangéehe compositions with a sense of authenticity and urgency that is sorely lacking from many of the symphonic releases of the 90s. In many ways, Pangée bears some similarity to Anglagard, especially in their heavy instrumental emphasis, and alongside the dark, starkly satisfying King Crimson-meets-Shylock approach that both bands adopt at times. But where Anglagard provides respite with touches of Scandinavian folk and other related influences, Pangée retain a distinctly French vibe throughout. The group's musical approach draws inspiration ranging from obvious standards like Genesis and King Crimson to the best French progressive rock of the 1970s, bringing to mind the angularity of Shylock, the grandiose melancholy of Carpe Diem and Pulsar, and the pyrotechnic, emotional urgency of Arachnoid.

The album is made up of three extended compositions, all of which carry a consistently solid approach throughout, barraging the listeners with gradually unfolding themes and ideas that build into ferocious, whirling emotional peaks of cascading mellotron, Moog and rhythmic guitar motifs. Wide variety of keyboards is used including mellotron and organ, and the guitar playing is characterized by a wide, open, spacey sound. A phenomenal and undeservedly obscure album that sits nicely along either of the Anglagard CDs as a sterling example of contemporary, uncompromising symphonic prog with a natural, refreshing feel that manages to sound "retro" with out being formulaic or hackneyed.(compiled from progweed and progarchives)

Pangée - Quartus Frénésis:

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Anonymous said...

Pangée - Hymnemonde
1 - Quartus Frénésis

a) Foundation
c) Portuaire Vermeil

2 - Cataracte

3 - Le Sanctuaire D'Euterpe

Click here to download.

Anonymous said...

Amazing, amazing, amazing !!!!!!
- WHAT A ALBUM !!! 3 instrumental tracks in Wakeman-Howe-Bruford-Fripp style !!
(Have anybody artwork?)

Anonymous said...

fantastic album
one of the greatest surprises ever

pure and bold instrumental

what a band...progrock at its best

Anonymous said...

"File not found"

any chance for a reupload? This album is a really hard to find treasure that I have been dying to to hear since someone stole my car stereo with the CD inside a number of years back.

Martin ITFOR said...

Can you repost it please... A Pure Gem!

THESYRE said...

please repost!

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