Friday, September 08, 2006

Sogmusobil - "Telefon" {SWE} [1971] (Bombastic Wacky Psych Trip)

Ok Guys, prepare for this: a totally wacky psych artifact, an unbeliavable album indeed! full of manipulated instruments (like the piano) studio trickery and hippies declamating in a loud and hysterical way!.

If you want to make an idea think in Damo Suzuki, Frank Zappa, Holger Czukay, Captain Beefheart and Bob Dylan planning to record all together their version of Their Satanic Majesties Request.

The lyrics are both in english and swedish, and believe me, are funny as hell, hilarious in a hippie relaxed irreverent mood.

Really guys, this is THE CLASSIC SWEDISH PSYCHEDELIC ALBUM , ¡a pretty insane and wacky trip!

By the way, Mowinckel, one of its members were previously on Flasket Brinner (prior to their first album) and Atlantic Ocean, and before sogmusobil on Levande Livet.

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Sogmusobil-"Arabic in the Morning"


Algarnas said...

Here's the link

Anonymous said...

Nice album, but like most of psych bands of that time, they play some neverending boring blues-framed pieces...

Anonymous said...

Seems that band name is Telefon Paisa, LP name is Sogmusobil, year 1971.


Isn't 11th track missing?

Algarnas said...

I check that link, but the info isn't well, i ask some people and all gave me the info posted

Anonymous said...

The 11th track is missing.....

Been reading the comments on
the link to and it seems
that one of the name the group did use was Telefon Paisa.
"1. Missing Tables
2. Missing
3.Telefon Paisa,alias Sogmusobil
4. Levande Livet
I tidsordning tror jag de hette så.
Rätta mig gärna."

Best wishes from Sweden

Anonymous said...

skjit au. Linken er nede! Få denne upp igjen!

M said...

Repost this Progman!

Anonymous said...

new link:


Anonymous said...

Telfon Paisa wich later turned into Levande Livet consisted of a bunch of very talanted people.
Levande Livet was * Anders Spets, trummor
* Einar Heckscher, sång, tamburin
* Gunnar Bergsten, saxofon
* Hans Berggren, saxofon
* Johnny Mowinckel, elpiano
* Lars Bergström, bas
* Maffy Falay, trumpet
* Peter Smoliansky, darbouka
* Tommy Broman, gitarr, sång

The singer Einar Hekscher son of the conservative partyleader att the time,his yunger brother was later in the 90s a minister in the swedish governement.Einar nowday works as a book translator. Johnny Mowinckel also played in one lineup of Fläsket Brinner and Atlantic Ocean.Also plays on Pugh Rogefeldts "Hollywood" album.He also has a role in Roy Anderssons
movie "En Kärleks Historia" from 1970 as a bandmember.Maffy Falay was a turkish jazz musician that lived in sweden and played a lot with Björn Rosengren among others.I think he was a session player on the record.
Peter Smoliansky who at the time must have been a teenager played drums with Eldkvarn the later part of the 80s.
Gunnar Bergsten is a world class
Baritone sax player.
Many of the bandmembers alo figures on some strange albums with Tom Zacharias.
"Belinda" and "Belindas döttrar"1975
The albums can perhaps be described as erotic rock.
The only distrubution of them was via adds in porno magasines.Lyrics are verry explecit but the music can be described as psycedelic prog.Verry strange albums indeed.

diamond dave said...

Hi there! is there any way you could re-post this? i'm dying to hear it! and thanks for a great blog!

isabelbc said...

new link

diamond dave said...

thank you very much! and it sounds great!

slon said...

Link not working. Does anyone have a new working one? Would really like to get a hold of this great record!!

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