Friday, September 08, 2006

Emeraude - "Geoffroy " {FRA} [1981] @256 (Melancholic Folk-Prog)

Emeraude is a late french prog band that in 1981 enregistered their first album "Geoffroy" in tiny quantities as a private pressing.

Acording to Asbjønrsen, their music "was conceptual, progressive folk-rock with barique touches and lots of spoken English lyrics, centered around two long tracks: "Viking" (12:00) and "Geoffroy" (16:28)". Some Parts have acoustic guitar and piano only, others have the full electric treatment with melodic guitar, piano, bass and drums".

Their sound could be described as a nostalgic mix between Pentacle and Cressida. I think that fans of neoprog (i honestly hate it) could find themselves pleased with their melodic sounds, while certainly fans of prog would find in that album a very classic melodic prog sound.

At last you will notice that for be a private pressing, the sound quality its quite good.

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Emeraude-"boule de plume"


Algarnas said...

Here's the link:


Anonymous said...

Great, as a french young man I'm looking for old french folk music, and with Mormos, Ange, Malicorne or Alan Stivell, I'm happy to see that my quest is no achieved. Each day is the ocasion for me to find a new treasure. And this band sure is a treasure. Thanks a lot

Algarnas said...

Thanks, there are other french folk acts in the vault, be patient and there will be posted.

Anonymous said...

Very nice LP. Not a huge Prog fan but this one I really dig. Thanks!

Unknown said...

please can you post a new link for this rare gem?

Anonymous said...

new link:

Unknown said...

many thanks!

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