Sunday, September 17, 2006

Prog Not Frog Radio Presents:The Voice of The Moon #013,With The Herbalist (With These 13 songs we show that beauty kills bad luck)

Hello! I had a rough week but the things that happened to me in the last few days have nothing to do with number 13.

Anyway I just discovered that beauty cures bad luck and melancholy, so, after having discovered that, I embarked myself in the quest of songs that have as a common quality what we couldloosely call "beauty".

Of course these songs are beautiful according to my taste which could differ greatly from yours, because beauty as an idea or quality is made of subjective preconceptions that vary from one cultural background to the next.

To show what beauty means to us we selected today a song by the catalonian Joan Manuel Serrat a living legend with a huge amount of fans in the hispanic world. That's going to be the opening title.

We'll listen to some David Sylvian, and as one David didn't seem enough we also included stwo David Crosby's tracks that although composed almost 40 years ago, still sound really well to our contemporary ears.

I believe that the big surprise will be the score and soundtrack composer Bruno Colaius. We will have him with two songs from two different movies.

Do not miss this edition of The Voice of The Moon, it is a blend of herbs guaranteed to cure melancholy, bad luck and specially effective against bad taste.

Keep listening...!!!


skaarse said...

As come up with a very listenable show. I like very much your temathic viewpoint, and as always your voice is a pleasure to listen too

Jaime Antonio Alvarez said...

...such a kind comment. Thanks Indeed my friend I am really glad you like what I am trying to do here. Thanks also for the comments about my voice because honestly it is the part I like the least...

See you.... and again many many thanks!

Anonymous said...

Could you please reactivate the link. It is dead :-(
Thanks a lot in advance and thanks for your great blog.
Cheers ;-)

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