Sunday, September 10, 2006

Prog Not Frog Radio Presents:The Voice of The Moon #012,With The Herbalist (Now we have a Dirty Dozen so, we have gone rather experimental and freaky)

That's a number rich in symbolic content.
Twelve Works of Hercules.
Twelve Deeds of Buddha.
Twelve Apostols.
Twelve Tribes of Israel
Twelve Astrological Signs.
..and so on.
Although it is not as manageable as Ten, Twelve seems nice and complete.
So, after the very nice reception that #011 had (...thanks for the comments...) I felt encouraged to go a little further and get a bit more experiemental on this one. Of course, experimental is a term too broad and could mean many things. John Cage's prepared piano works were very much experimental and still sound very odd to our ears, but on the other hand Sgt Ppepper's by The Beatles was definetely experimental and avant garde in 1967, and nowadays are part of our lives soundtrack.
Having in mind that the term is vague, I have tried not to wander away into realms that might be sonically too difficult or cacophonic. Don't get me worng. I'd love to play some Stockhausen and Varèse for you, but that kind of music doesn't fit well in radio or webcast format. Academic Avant-garde demands a special mood, a special moment and a special place to be listened too.
I don´t think that the public downloading The Voice of The Moon is after that kind of music. (but check our links, under classic and you'll reach some great blogs that deal with those genres).
Anyway I might be worng and maybe you all love Schoenberg, Messiaen, etc. Let me know if that's the case.
So, I decided to explore popular avantgarde. Or some artists that dwell in the fringe of Pop, Rock, Folk and Experimentalism.
This week we'll be exposed to the dramatic ambients created by Holger Czukay, founding member of Can. We'll also be introduced to the nocturnal experiemnts of the Italian collective Doubling Riders. After that, we'll meet a stunning singer whose name is Amy Denio. Near the end I will make you listen to one of my favorites bands. Legendary Pink Dots.
But hey, there's much more!
Give us an ear and we'll blow your soul!
And, of course,

Keep Listening...!!!

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Anonymous said...

Who did that painting above? The frogs are done really well... lovely!

benito X said...

Herbalist, here's "Urban and Tribal Portraits" new link.
Can you email me directly regarding the other post?
See my profile for email...

skaarse said...

Hi, I love this.... I am on your first radioshow, but I post my comment here.... The one thing I miss is a tracklist...
And I love your voice! Looking forward too the next shows

skaarse said...

I am not sure if my last comment will be online....
Great shows...The one thing missing is a tracklist in the rar-folder

Anonymous said...

Please keep this link alive. It is dead :-( Thanks.

Anonymous said...

PLEASE PLEASE, can someone reupload this and the previous volumes. All the links 1-15, and 17 are DEAD.

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