Friday, September 29, 2006

Günter Schickert - Überfallig {Germany} [1979] @ 260 VBR (Krautrock)

What this is, in a sense, is an album that might be considered to be the Evil Twin of Manuel Gottsching's "Inventions for Rock Guitar". Whereas Gottsching offers up a minimalistic and kosmische shimmer of corruscating guitar and delay multitracking, Gunter Schickert takes more or less the same apparatus and creates a soundtrack to some sort of lysergic bummer-trip. Gunter Schickert's deep heavy ooze dripping slab of Teutonic electronic bliss through treated mayhem overcomes you. This is probably what it sounded like inside of Jimi Hendrix's brain stem under that LSD-soaked tie-dyed bandana onstage - totally lit and lividly lucid, another planet
opens up a searing tunnel through space and time while this sublime album plays on.

Schickert's exceptionally hypnotic space-echo guitar work similar to Manuel Gottsching is matched by fascinating rhythmic pulsations (at times recalling prime Can-like velocities or AR & the Machines circular bubbliness, and some Pink Floyd "Meddle" era pastoral psych as well).
Guitar, drums, some voice, and nature sounds.

a mindblowing album.

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EelaFree said...

Günter Schickert - Überfallig

Phil said...

fatastic - i've got samtvogel but haven't heard this one.

Anonymous said...

I've got this and also the GAM project (Schnickert, Axel Struck and Michael Leske) album Eiszeit and love 'em both. Schnickert does totally pick up that classic Gottsching sound and is unjustifibly lesser known.

What I really want is the Schnickert album Samtvogel. I'd like the mp3 files but I'd LOVE to find a cd copy to add to my collection. It's a tough disc to locate!

Anonymous said...

Please repost this one. THANKS!!

Anonymous said...

Link's dead sorry!

isabelbc said...

try here :o)

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