Saturday, September 09, 2006

Jiří Trnka - The Hands (small movie) -1965-

Jiří Trnka - The Hands

Hello my friends! This time i would like to share a small movie and a small suprise..(whew at last youtube give me a director account to upload more than 10min movies) Keep your silences..take a deep breath..and pres the play button :) Jiří Trnka (24 February 1912 Plzeň - 30 December 1969 Prague) was Czech puppet maker, illustrator, motion-picture animator and film director, renowned for his puppet animations.
He graduated from Prague School of Arts and Crafts. He created a puppet theater in 1936. This group was dissolved when World War II began, and he instead designed stage sets and illustrated books for children throughout the war. After the war ended, Trnka established an animation unit at the Prague film studio. Trnka soon became internationally recognized as the world's greatest puppet animator in the traditional Czech method, and he won several film festival awards. One animator called him "the Walt Disney of the East". He won an award at the Cannes Festival in 1946, just one year after he began working in film. His films were mostly made for an adult audience. Beginning in 1948, the communist Czech government began to subsidize his work, although this did not seem to affect the message or style of his work. He also created animated cartoons. He wrote the scripts for most of his own films. He died of heart trouble in 1969.

Well nowadays i am very busy in real it is hard for me to create an extra time for the blog..a few days ago i uploaded rapidshare, a various artists comp. from 70's of my country (turkey) for one of my friend..i would like to share this album with you 2..Altough it was released in 2005 (vinyl form) it is a bit rare at least inside of the album there are many rare names from is psyche rock/jazz..people who dont like suprises may stay away :) Click here to download..keep listening & nice days to all of you..Adios for now :)


Nick Aubert said...

What a strange little film. On the surface, it seems to be a political statement. From my American viewpoint, the oppressive (yet caring) hand seems an obvious symbol of the State. But the film was subsidized by the Czech government, and there are certainly other interpretations, including spiritual ones. The film was made three years before the Prague Spring. Intersting times for Czechoslovakia.

Thanks nahavanda.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing the film! Interesting, as there were so many people from other countries (other than the US)
doing the same things at the same time. I must confess, I like the European filmmaking of that period
that I've seen. The Man With The Movie Camera is on the top of my list! Thanks!

Anonymous said...


Fisrt of all congratulations for your wonderful blog and your very eclectic taste. I really enjoyed the movie, it reminded me of Svankmajer's shorts. Where did you get it? Is there a place where you can purchase or dowload films of Czech puppeteers?

Many thanks and congratulations again

nahavanda said...

i am glad you like it..and thanks for your nice comments :) a few years ago i downloaded this from emule i dont use the it..but i think you may find this and some smilar files easily in emule...well pity i couldnt find a site to find on net.

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