Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Sahara - ''Sunrise'' {Germany} [1973] @320 (Jazzy Art Rock)

Before they were Sahara, this band were known as Subject Esq. Sahara’s second album “Sunrise” is a stunning album mixing folk and fusion elements.
Musically these guys blend mellotron/organ/piano symphonia with flutes, guitars and accentuated bass in a well crafted format not unlike Yes did.There are some spacier and/or symphonic parts that recall Nektar, Genesis (around Trespass), and maybe early Eloy.
The first side is made up of shorter tracks and in themselves are good but it is clear that Side 2 is what everybody should indulge in once a week. The 27 min track is everything a proghead asks for and he gets it here. Long monumental instrumental passages with mellotrons (something relatively rare for german bands) and many developments with reminders of the themes.

One of those forgotten treasures just waiting for you to discover it. VERY recommended!

Sahara - Marie Celeste:

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Bealtiful album, tanks!!!

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