Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Fanz " The Grand Illusion" (1977,USA,HR,,Psych, Prog)

The Fanz " The Grand Illusion" (1977,USA,HR,,Psych, Prog)

You can read an excellent review about this album at  RYM



Mit said...

ripped from the vinyl.(seems successful.)



maryes said...

hello my prog friend !!!
the mp3 file is invalid.
Please re-up.
Thanks a lot !!!

Anonymous said...

The Fanz and the Thanatos albums are mindblowing good. EXCELLENT selections back to back -you outdid yourself this evening - thanks !!!

Anonymous said...

I have this album for sale.

Mit said...


>>>the mp3 file is invalid.

mp3 file is valid now.
Try again,friend !
If you cannot DL it,I will UL with another uploader.

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot dear Shige, as usual you come to us with some brilliant music. I'm very grateful for your efforts!

Mit said...

Thank s for the reply.

>>>as usual you come to us with some brilliant music.

I don't want to waste all of your precious time.
That's all.
Stay tuned of my next uploading.

Sergey said...

long live lossless!!! thak you very much! Very nice music.

snakeboy said...

Wow! What a great record. Thanks

Padu said...

Muito bom.

Anonymous said...

Thanks grateful it's very brilliant discover !

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