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Tortilla Flat - SWF Sessions (unreleased debut) {Germany} [1973]

"This SWF Session is from December 20, 1973, recorded in Baden-Baden. About 6 years ago, I was in touch with one of the Tortilla Flat members and he provided me all the data." Tom

"Not to be confused with another German Tortilla Flat (and some other band with the same name, American I think, or the Dutch hard-rock band Tortilla) this obscure 1970's German band from Aachen are highly praised and ridiculously obscure!

We first encountered them via (what were told was) a copy of their unreleased debut (only issued on cassette and sold at concerts) which dates from 1972. The recording is in fact a session recorded for SWF radio. This is an extraordinary slice of underground Krautrock. It's a mostly instrumental album (approximately 35 minutes of it), with a couple of tracks featuring very strange songs with almost unintelligible (to these ears) German lyrics. The rhythmic structures are vaguely Beefheart-like, delivered by two percussionists, with the lead instruments being flute and violin (the latter presumably by Werner Knauser). The style is highly original, with lots of unusual time signatures, vague classical references, counterpoints of folk and jazzy elements, and much in the way of abstract early Fripp-like guitar work. The only comparison I could give would be Rufus Zuphall, although that's only tentative! A superb and unknown album that deserves a proper release!"
more info here

- Hans Friedrich Basten (drums, glockenspiel)
- Heribert Schippers (bass)
- Manfred Herten (guitar, vocals)
- Werner Knauber (violin)
- Hermann Josef Basten (flute, guitar)
- Franz Brandt (electric piano)
- Albert Schippers (congas, drums)

01 Sommerschlaf
02 Die Mitternachtsmaus
03 Sophie, Das Henkersmadel
04 Flimmerstuck
05 Bantu
06 Meilenstein
07 Tortilla Flat
08 Das Fest Des Wustlings

Thanks to Chicopee (the rip) and PHS_BR (the front cover) :o)

Tortilla Flat...
Sophie, die Henkersmaid...

(lyrics to Tristan - courtesy of Stiletti) :o)

Galgenbruders Lied an Sophie, die Henkersmaid
Christian Otto Josef Wolfgang Morgenstern
(May 6, 1871 in Munich– March 31, 1914 in Meran)

Sophie, mein Henkersmädel,
komm, küsse mir den Schädel!
Zwar ist mein Mund
ein schwarzer Schlund -
doch du bist gut und edel!

Sophie, mein Henkersmädel,
komm, streichle mir den Schädel!
Zwar ist mein Haupt
des Haars beraubt -
doch du bist gut und edel!

Sophie, mein Henkermädel,
komm, schau mir in den Schädel!
Die Augen zwar,
sie fraß der Aar -
doch du bist gut und edel!

Gallows brother's song to Sophie, the executioner girl

Sophie, my executioner girl
Come on, kiss my skull!
Although my mouth
a black abyss -
but you are good and noble!

Sophie, my executioner girl
Come on, caress my head!
Although my head
deprived of the hair -
but you are good and noble!

Sophie, my executioner girl
Come, look me in the head!
Although my eyes,
eaten by the eagle -
but you are good and noble!

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isabelbc said...

apps79 said...

what a surprise,many thanks isabel!!!

Anonymous said...

I love the very special atmosphere created by the lyrics. Thanks for this !

You can find Für ein ¾ Stündchen (1974) here :

Dr Dopo said...

I love their 'Für ein ¾ Stündchen' album, I didn't think there was anything else! Is this the same Tortilla Flat? I hope so! Can't wait to check it out, thank you so much!

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot for this rare gem! Unfortunately, the file analysis shows that it is "Fake-FLAC" (which is really from a lossy MPEG source) -- Would it be possible to post the link in TRUE LOSSLESS quality by any chance? (and likewise for your other great upload, Thanatos, which is now mp3 to begin with) -- that would be SUPER! Thanks in advance!!! (PS: Sorry for the "anonymous" - I am not regged!) Joe

Purple Peak Records said...

Hi everyone,

This SWF Session is from December 20, 1973, recorded in Baden-Baden. About 6 years ago, I was in touch with one of the Tortilla Flat members and he provided me all the data.

And to Dr Dopo - yep,same band! On this title, they also employ a violin player which is extraordinary.

- Tom

isabelbc said...

thank you for the all comments and link to 1974 "Für ein 3/4 Stündchen" album! :o)
this may be a fake-flac but is a true-music! ;)
sorry, i haven't and don't care with flac formats

Tristan Stefan said...

lol, welcome back Isabel, and get ready for the flac- attacks! lol

isabelbc said...

Thank you, Tristan! :o) hehehe :D

Tristan Stefan said...

uh-oh. Isabel, according to my fake flac finder I downloaded from, your tortilla flat was recorded through voice recognition software while you were watching the world cup... and it says you weren't wearing pants!

Anonymous said...

Oh-oh, Tristan! I am, indeed the "fake flac" culprit. When I "upgraded" to Microsoft's 7.0 program, the only ripping program I could find that works with it is something called freeRIP.

It's a great program ... easy to use and it rips to Flac, as well as MP3. However, it tells me almost nothing about the rip (192? 320? What happens when I rip to MP3).

So I typically just rip to Flac, figuring that it won't make a lossy recording any more lossy.

Is this flawed logic? Is there better ripping software that's supported by 7.0?


echoes said...

File not found is the reply I get...
Any chances to re-post it?

echoes said...

Sorry, my mistake..
It's working.
Have a nice weekend.

echoes said...

And, if I may, when it comes to good music I don't care whether it is a real Flac or a fake one...;-)))

Anonymous said...

hello great sound!!!!

Do you have Dieter Bihlmaier Selection Swf sessions 1973????

Thank you Alan

Tristan Stefan said...

Too late-- mr. chicopee I'll have you know I put out an APB with the massachussets state fake flac police on you they will be knocking on your door within the hour -- so better start deletin' !!

isabelbc said...

you are amazing!!!! :D

hi Alan,
Dieter ->

Anonymous said...

Thank you very very much!!!!


Anonymous said...

This is the most incredible music I have ever heard. P u l e e z e !! Let's get together and search out the original cassette or at least a clean rip. It's nowhere that I can find and as it stands, it sounds like it was recorded with a japanese toilet cam as the girl is listening to Tortilla Flat on a 1988 walkman with Radio Shack headphones.

Tristan Stefan said...

...that had to get returned the next day when they broke

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Superb find that complements perfectly the "Für Ein Stundchen" of 74, thank you infinitely Isabel to embellish so our summer.


Anonymous said...

interesting to see my cover art on the web! obviously this came to you via my swap with the Alaskan connection, then via ?, then via? My original master, of course will sound better, but I don't have the upload bandwidth, maybe someday!

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Rochacrimson said...


Unknown said...

Can we get a re-upload please? :)

Julianryan said...
New upload on my blog

Anonymous said...

If anyone ever would like to share this in the original sound quality, that would be great! The tracks on youtube arre FAR superior fidelity but track 6 has not been uploaded there, so it's incomplete. I contacted Long Hair about a possible reissue - because they have put out so many SWF sessions on cd - but they said one of the people who owns the rights (maybe family member of deceased band member?) did not want this released (a real dick move! thanks buddy for respecting the music [heavy sarcasm!]), so it's going to stay with the sharers and bootleggers unfortunately.

Anonymous said...

I should clarify I was talking about the tracks on youtube *that have the above cover art on the clip*, because someone else posted a few tracks there which are of this same 'toilet sound quality'. ;-)

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