Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Wunderwald 1979

Daß Wir Keine Anderen Herren Brauchen... Sondern Keine!
(That we don't need to sleep with anymore men ... unless ugly!)
(translation correction thanks to anonymous)

Another installment in the big beautiful bottomless barrel of folk-rock of the seventies, this time from Frankfurt, Germany, mainly sung by a female singer, Margrit Stanzel. She and Dieter Stanzel perform vocals and the latter plays guitars, mandolin, as well as flute (or what sounds like a recorder actually) and percussions.
They are assisted by Roland Schwarzer on guitars, mandolin, harp, voice; Helmut Stichel on basses; Hans-Peter Lamb on keys and trumpet, and Gerhard Pomp on perc.

Note that many of the songs are traditional folk tunes (tracks 2-5 and 8-10), despite this I think they interpret them quite beautifully. There is a lot of variety in the arrangements -- for ex. track 8 (the namesake Wunderwald) is introduced with accordeon and electric guitar, then a piano gently arranges itself around the chords. Unusual for this style of folk.

I include as samples track 3, called "Mein Vater Wird Gesucht" i.e. my father is re-died again, song is about big mistake in reincarnation head office, he is reincarnated accidentally as a T Rex, then is brought back as David Hasselhoff the great singer to compensate. They made this into a sitcom in the eighties on german tv. They alternate scenes between father yelling at his teenage daughter and her boyfriend and T rex eating different stegosaurs. Track 8, Wunderwald, is about german theme park for children relating to beer set in a big brewery (e.g. kids have water park slides into lager, the roller coaster followed the pipes from one barrel of wheat beer and dunked the kids into another beer barrel, etc. It has since closed due to european union hygiene rules and standards relating to swimming in beer.)


Tristan Stefan said...


Anonymous said...

The German caption should actually read:
We don't need different masters/bosses/lords... instead we need none of them

PHSStudiosRJ said...

A rain sound.

Fanstastic post

Thanks for more of this!


Tristan Stefan said...


nahavanda said...

this is so nice! some tunes on the album, i am listening over and over again. thank you so much! :)

Mit said...

Thank you very much for this rare progressive Medieval folk.Excellent one !!!
I corrected track 5 as well as possible and deleted most noises from all the tracks.

Enjoy ,again !


Anonymous said...

anyone who downloaded this using Bittorrent with many other downloads will surely have a nightmare identifying the file. no hint of what it is (title or artwork included). all you get is coded title and tracks in numbers, a classic neanderthal's piece of work...:-(

Tristan Stefan said...

lol! you are right, there is neanderthal dna in humans -- please see post about this where I discussed this issue

Anonymous said...

I don't know what anonymous told you, but it's definitely wrong.
The meaning is: "That we don't need no other masters... but none at all"

Best regards from Cologne

Anonymous said...

Christian is right that the meaning is "we need no other masters but none", the title of the album is taken from a poem ("The waterwheel") of bertold brecht. And, by the way, "Mein Vater wird gesucht" is a song dealing with opression during national socialism from the viewpoint of the (communist/socialist) worker´s movement.
Regards from Northern Germany,


Tristan Stefan said...

wow, thanks for infos... of course it makes sense if it's a poem from the great Brecht and thus a little bit less straightforward in meaning. I am really grateful for this information about the title, Gallus.

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