Thursday, June 14, 2012

Thanatos - "Alptraum" {Germany} [1982]

killer progressive German private pressing from 1982. Sounds more like early to mid-70's - near Birth Control! Had been released in a very limited edition! Rare & hard to find!
More info are welcome... :o)

- Dieter Scharpegge (lead guitar, vocals)
- Ali "Fuzzy" Blumenschein (bass)
- Uwe Scharpegge (keyboards, vocals)
- Charly Weber (flute, drums, percussion)

A1 Großstadtgetriebe 5:11
A2 Run Against the Devil 4:27
A3 Morgenrot 7:02
A4 Pretty strange Little Woman 3:08
B1 Nehmen ohne Geben 7:41
B2 Night of Nightmare 5:40
B3 Leere-gefuhl 6:05


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isabelbc said...

Unknown said...

This is a gem, thanks Isabel!

juan manuel muñoz said...

thanks a lot, cheers

Sergey said...

Cool thing!! Many thanks!

Rogerio M. Schirach said...

Only in mp3?

Tristan Stefan said...

no, you can get it in fake flac too, if you want

peskypesky said...

thank you once again!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi isabelbc, do you have any of these 2 rare german lps:

brut - s/t,1970,philips
trip-eine pop oper,1972 telefunken

thanks in advance

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