Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Mark Smoot "The Attic" (1988,USA)

Mark Smoot  "The Attic"  (1988,USA)

I know little about this album's composer and multi-instrumentalist ....Mark Smoot.
This album consists of 10 tracks.
Although they are short and seperated tracks,they are all prog tracks ,so we can enjoy as if they are epic suite one track.
If loving GENESIS , Hackett and YES, you will enjoy a lot.
Prog tracks by Mark Smoot will give you something important and ambitious.

Moreover, I edited this album  and re-made Epic-suite (one track).
Why ?
Because  I love  prog one track epic suite as well as all of you.Prog listeners should love long, long tracks. (LOL)
Enjoy it  as well as the original album !!
(edited as one track ...36:28..! ).


1. The Attic, Pt. Ⅰ
 2  Give It Time
 3  The Traveller
 4  After Hours
 5  Residents Beware

 6  Sometimes
 7  Epsom Waltz
 8  Stairway
 9  Right on Time
10 The Attic, Pt.Ⅱ

running time....37:08



Mit said...



bonus WAV one track

bonus mp3 one track

Tristan Stefan said...

I don't know how you do it shige, how you find these huge rarities that are so good...

Mit said...

Hi,Tristan Stefan.

>>>how you find these huge rarities that are so good.

Of course,same as you.
I want to give prog friends all over the world a lot of joy and happiness.
So we are trying to our best as much as we can.right ?

apps79 said...

great discovery indeed, many congrats Shige!!!

Mit said...

Thanks for the reply.

It is always exciting for us to discover gems.
Moreover,few collectors know them and the unknown gems are not so expensive. So we are very happy,too.
We are collectors ,but at the same time,family men.It is very,very important for us to keep our wife and sons and daughters happy,too.(LOL)

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot Shige, you and Tristan do a great job by bringing us all these unknown gems... thanks!! You make us very happy and I'm sure if your family loves prog, they are very happy too! lol :)


Tristan Stefan said...

woh- I never heard of a family that loved prog!! lol I'm lucky, my wife tolerates it, but my children sometimes ask for children's songs instead, usually ask me to turn it off, and often get scared by the strange sounds they are hearing! I don't hold much hope for the future generations.
I must say, I am not so much a collector as a sower or passer-on, I want people to hear this music, as many as possible. And the family man-- well I have to buy my wife flowers, dinners, and shoes too, or it's not fair right?

tenbeersbold said...

Mark Smoot is a pretty much unknown bassist/producer from Maryland

He's played in a bunch of bands you've probably never heard of like Farquhar,The Muffins,Mao Tse Helen,Clockhammer etc but is a really GREAT guy and wouldn't mind at all that this is shared here

Anonymous said...

Is there any chance of having this re-upped? doesn't appear to be in service any longer. I'd love to hear this legendary album!

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