Saturday, June 30, 2012

Solo's and Duo's (1974 and 1981) with Joachim Kuhn, Sigi Schwab, Jasper van't Hof, Chris Hinze, P. Catherine, and C. Mariano

Wow-- with a line-up like that we expect miracles.  None of those great european masters need introductions.  The compositions are more free than on their solo records, understandably, since they would have saved their best compositions for their own, and each one of these greats has produced masterpiece albums.  Kuhn has a tendency to ramble in waterfall and over-spilling passages as may be witnessed audibly on his solo piano works, but on the third song a flute melody by Hinze seems to tame his more extemporaneous side.  Reminds me of Mingus' Meditations on Integration duo between Jaki Byard and Eric Dolphy -- possibly the masterpiece of chamber jazz improvisation, from the legendary Town Hall Concerts.   And I admit, Hinze's playing is as good as the great late Dolphy though of course this is heresy for american jazz fans, for whom he is a demi-god like John Coltrane (because they both died young probably?).  Sigi on the other hand is always controlled and balanced, never going overboard with theatrics, but highly interesting and progressive in his odd guitar chords chosen, I love his two tracks.  The duo of Mariano and belgian P. Catherine boasts a great deal of virtuosity from the sax player while Catherine puts in a bit of a humdrum performance with the usual minor seconds standing in for the spanish feel (actually probably arabic originally).
Jasper's solo entry (Heron) as well seems to be lacking in direction after a minute or so, never building to its expected airborne climax.  Where is the genius of porkpie?  (and where is the Kuhn who produced fusion masterpieces Cinemascope and Sunshower?)  The album closes out with another duo from Kuhn and Hinze that has its moments.  Oddly the record has two copyright dates, is it perhaps a compilation of unreleased tracks?


Tristan Stefan said...

I think the musicians starting from inner left bottom are Kuhn, Hinze, Catherine, van't Hof, who is the guy with the long hair and hat, Mariano?

Anonymous said...

Hi Tristan.

Nice one. I think the musicians are Mariano, Hinze, Catherine, van 't Hof and with the hat, Kuhn.

Jan from the Netherlands

peskypesky said...

thank you!!! :)

Tristan Stefan said...

I think you're right Jan, I don't know why I made a mistake with the great J Kuhn. I wonder why sigi is missing but he appears on the back. Album was produced by Hinze btw

Anonymous said...

Lost lost gem has been found!!!! Vielen Dank Tristan

Anonymous said...

Hi Tristan.

Well, had to look twice at the picture. Kuhn does look a bit more sinister with glasses and hat.

Great job with Munju. I use it so now and then. Only problem is it also gives dead links. But otherwise: very good!


hh said...

thanx for this great VA album, Tristan


Unknown said...

filejumbo is down :(

Michael said...

Thank you very much ! Great post !

Anonymous said...

1000 thanks for this great reunion.
(the link is working)


Anonymous said...

any chance to re-up this somewhere???

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