Thursday, August 17, 2006

Tharsin Hri – Tharsin Hri {Greece} [1974] @256 (folk rock)

before posting here..this title travelled all around the world.first, one of my friend cassandra w., from korea send me a song (mera vroxeri) from a various artists comp. then i started keeping track of tharsin day kymatothraysths/greece send me a nudge via msn..he had found the album then isabel from brasil send me helpful information..opa-loka and tao(gr) helped me to tag was a very collective work :) and it worths having & listening this album. "I balanda tis jeraldin" & "Mera Vroxeri" my favourite is the copy/paste: THARSIN HRI means "Needing courage". Back in 1973, that was the name of a quartet of veteran 60's musicians, born in a suburb of Athens, Greece. That same year, THARSIN HRI was one of the groups that participated in the -legendary and very collectable, nowadays- compilation "Pop Festival '73", released by greek Columbia. A year later, the group entered the studio and recorded an album-worth material, for a planned album. This never materialized and now it takes its first official release by ANAZITISI RECORDS, without any additions or corrections. Exactly 30 years later. It contains 10 self-penned tracks and somebody could classify it in the electric folk-rock genre. At the same time hard-rock tinges and soft-psycho elements are still there while some great melodies makes a second listening to be a necessity. All lyrics are in greek. In any way it presents the 70's greek rock scene in all its glory. It's the time for all to see that except "SOCRATES DRUNK THE CONIUM", "POLL", PELOMA BOKIU", "IRAKLIS" & "4 LEVELS OF EXISTENCE", Greece had some more bands which had not the opportunity to present their music (because of various circumstances) back in the early 70' more here one of my favorite..

thanks to Cassandra W./Korea , Isabelbc/Brasil , Kymatothraysths/Greece, Opa-Loka/Greece , Tao/Greece , Purple Man/Brasil

(ps: you may have a look our friends site for more greek titles from 70's and all over the world)

Keep Listening!! Links in comments..

I balanda tis Jeraldin..
Mera Vroxeri..


Anonymous said...

Click here to download.

Orfeus said...

Big surprise for me...

You see....
I 'm a member of this band and by coincidence, I 'm the songwriter of your favorite songs.


Thank you very much and... well!!!!


nahavanda said...

Yesterday i couldnt sleep..I tried but i couldnt..

Instead of sleeping..I think what kind of a magical world we are living in.
I wrote only a small part of the story..

Wow i still couldnt believe!!

Thank you a lot Orfeus :)

Best wishes

Orfeus said...

Would you like to send me your e-mail please?


Orfeus said...

....and you know:
I would like to listen (or to read) to all of the story.
Why don't you write it here?


nahavanda said...

this is my e-mail: nahavanda(at)

i am sorry for my late reply..i went to my parents city for a small visit :)

i will write whole the story as soon as and e-mail

i am very happy & lucky to meet with you Giorgos :)

Anonymous said...

Here you can find the story of the group plus the original covers..
But in Greeks, lol

Anonymous said...

Hi guys
Im John from Greece and recently bought this lp ON VINYL.ANAZITISI RECORDS has a very good catalogue. also visit POTFLEUR.COM for fantastic soundracks with jazz and groovy rythmes.
Also search for PLJ BAND "ARMAGEDDON", APOCALYPSIS "SAME" and the best psych prog European band the PURPLE OVERDOSE with excellent works.
Keep on progging

Anonymous said...

Viva Perissos!

isabelbc said...

New Link to Tharsin Hri – Tharsin Hri

shiryu7 said...

Thank you for the new link and thanks so much for this great blog...

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