Thursday, August 24, 2006

Nord– "Nord" {JPN} [1981] @192 (Ultra Rare Electro-Psych Acid Mayhem)

Those into Merzbow, Acid Mothers and Les Rallizes Denudes, shouldn't miss this one!

This is an impossible to find record, the guy that gave it to me wrote this, is the only information I know about the album:

"Here's another obscure gem from my tape-trading days. Some of my favorite tapes sent to me were the ones I didn't ask for...I'd told my trading buddy Masaharu from Tokyo that I was a fan of "noise/electronics" and he knew I would like this album, which he borrowed from a friend and recorded to a high-quality Maxell XL II-S cassette for me.

I can't tell you much about the artists involved other than the LP was issued c.1980 in Japan on Pinacoteca Records. The only other NORD material I've heard is a track from the "Come Again II" compilation.

I would appreciate it if you could direct me to more NORD music...this album, for me, is a true underground classic, somewhere between Kluster and Throbbing Gristle. So injest whatever substances make life bearable in your neighborhood, turn the volume all the way up, and be flattened by the psychedelic sounds of the first NORD album!!!

Ripped from a first-generation analog cassette at 192kbps by Alan C. on 3 September, 2004."

Many Thanks Alan!

Well lads, in this case...

Keep Listening (if you can :))

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Algarnas said...

Here's the link


Dirk said...

i found some more information
have fun!

an obscure experimental group formed in 1980 by Satoshi Katayama and
Hiroshi Oikawa. Together they released one album, 'Nord #1' [Pinakotheca
Records, 1981] in a limited edition of 300 copies. The Soundohm website says
"side one is meditative, with repetitive electronic loops. Second long side is a
terrific noisy space drone". They went their separate ways in 1982, but both
continued to perform individually as Nord. Oikawa recorded again with his
newly-formed label, LSD Records. This Nord released 'LSD' [LSD Records, 1984] in
a limited edition of 200 copies, which has been described on the Soundohm
website as a "beautiful electronic/psychedelic soundtrip"; and '3/Ego Trip' [LSD
Records] in a limited edition of 100. There are also three live cassettes on the
ZSF label, featuring Nord/Oikawa with Merzbow and [on one tape] K.K. Null of
Zeni Geva [see below]. Katayama also issued a cassette as Nord - 'Live Materials
1980-1993' [Vanilla Records, 1994] - in a limited edition of 150 copies.

Algarnas said...

WOW DIRK; many Thanks man! good info!, see ya!

Anonymous said...

That info is stuff I put together on my big thing on Japanese music at
If you grab other people's text from the internet it's nice to give the link to where you got it from... I put a lot of work into that page, and I'm sure some readers of this blog would want to refer to it from time ot time.

Algarnas said...
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Anonymous said...

the link is broken : (

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Anonymous said...

links dead..... please re-upload.....

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