Thursday, August 17, 2006

Drugi Nacin – Drugi Nacin {Croatia} [1975] @192 (prog rock)

DRUGI NACIN (Eng. "Another Way") was formed in Zagreb (present Croatia) by members of the band called ZLATNI AKORDI. These included: Branko Pozgajec (vocals, keyboards, flute); Halil Mekic (guitar); Zeljko Mikulcic (bass) and Ismet Kurtovic (vocals, flute, guitar). This line-up released one single in 1973. The following year Boris Turina joined the band as drummer and lyricist and they changed their name to DRUGI NACIN, inspired by a poem of F. G. Lorca "In Another Way". In February 1975 they recorded the eponymous debut album. After being rejected by "Jugoton" and "Suzy" labels, PGP RTB finally agreed to release the album only because their executive liked, the then rare in ex-Yugoslavia, gatefold cover sleeve without even listening to the music! It appeared to be a very succesfull "concept" album and.. read more here

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