Thursday, August 24, 2006

Hunters & Collectors - Hunters & Collectors [1981] @224 (primal Australian rock)

Primal, hypnotic, thundering, original, progressive.

All the above describe the debut album for this great band. There is, I can assure you, no one that sounds like the "Hunters".

They appeared in the wake of punk, when bands took the idea of smashing the droll rock song structure of the late '70's and tried to come up with something new. Many failed, but the Hunters succeded, and did so in grand style.

This is a favourite of mine and the beginning of a series of stunning albums and 12" ep's. They went on to become somewhat of an institution before disbanding in 1998. In doing so they left a fine body of work, with a few blistering live albums and videos tossed in.

The sample, "Talking To A Stranger" is a prime example of their sound, aggressive vocals, an incredibly distinctive bassist, perfectly suited to this music, and the harsh, industrial guitar of songwriter and vocalist, Mark Seymour.

The band also had a brass section, and you can hear in the sample that they were no ordinary brass section, trombone, trumpet and french horn, all playing a very different role.

I must add that the low budget clip that accompanied the original release remains, in my veiw , as one of the best film clips ever made, it enhanced the tribal quality of the song.


Talking To A Stranger

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micaus said...

The link is:

Zornkh said...

it's a bit eyghty and dark wave like. I prefer the other stuff.

MoogPower said...

Well it's great to hear that you enjoy this album. To me it was their best album, although I still prefer the 12" EP the came out before this album.

Jack Howard 'trumpet' is still playing music today & made another album recently. I have no idea what sort of music it was or how it sounded.

Jeremy Smith 'french horn' I think went on to become a doctor, but up until recently made occasional special guest appearances in various bands.

They also used to play a gas cylindar on stage (Greg Pirahna), but that was scrapped shortly after this period. And in those earlier years were an amazing band to see live - so much energy & very interesting.


Anonymous said...


A great album.

Looks like the last three track aren't in the RAR?



PS. Have you had listen to "What's a Few Men?" (it's even better IMOHO).

Anonymous said...

Hunnas is one of my all-time favorite bands. I especially like the earlier stuff--this one, the first US release ("Towtruck" is a tour de force--one of those songs that, 5 seconds in, you're hooked!), FIREMAN'S CURSE, and JAWS OF LIFE. I was lucky enough to see them in Boston shortly after JAWS came out--'85 or so. I have two of the three missing tracks from this post (sorry, don't have "Waiting") which I might could send if I can figure out how.
Anyway, thanks for yet another great post,. I love this site!

Anonymous said...

This was the first H&C album I bought in the U.S. on A&M records. Fantastic. I also saw H&C play live a few time in L.A. Great live performances. Once they opened for Concrete Blonde. Great times of our youth. No doubt.

AussieRock said...

Link is dead - any chance of a re-upload?


isabelbc said...

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