Thursday, August 17, 2006

Krzak – Niepokonani {Poland} [1980] @192 (blues rock)

i am lucky to fallow whats going on polish music scene..i have precious friends from this country..before posting this album..i couldnt decide which one i may send.. first i think to send early works of anawa than i decided to send osain..then i think of sending some great folk like bittova,vaclavek; kapela ze wsi warszawa..even i think to send wilczy pajak first lp :)) well a few days ago i went to a blues concert..for a long time i wanted to send a band from poland..and i selected some blues..there are 2 countries in europe that i addicted their blues denmark and poland..if you like shouldnt miss that blues album..
thanks to Supreme and Endewi for sharing musical experiences from polish scene..
(ps:endewi is a photographer..and one of her artwork may related to this site :) you may use that funny picture as a wallpaper..thanks to endewi for this :)

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(ps2.. a tiny recomendation..well this album a bit new to post here..but you may buy/find it if you like.. kapela ze wsi warszawa - wykorzenienie(2004) mateusz.. )


Anonymous said...

Click here to download.

Anonymous said...

Hello again, good people...

What a big and delicious surprise to find a polish blues album in this sunny sunny Sunday.
This one is REALLY good and the musicians REALLY know how to rock on this joint!!! The duo guitat + violin is awesome...they run from blues to jazz WITHOUT pain..
The trax #9 is pure Santana Band from 70's, in their best shape (Carlos, Gregg, Neil,Brown...).

The trax #15 (Tajemniczy Swiat Mariana) is a song for searching love and peace...although its a instrumental one this is the feeling that runs in my vein when I listen this great guitar solo..

Well, (sorry Carlos, my old and constant friend) ..I think I'll dedicate the trax #9,Przewrotna Samba to CARLOS SANTANA. I'd wish he (C Santana) listen to this trax 20 times a day - at least - to re-learn how to play a good and clean guitar in the OLD SANTANA BAND way!!

But don't get me wrong!!!! all trax are too special.....just take a listen!!

I'd wish to send a BIG "Thank you" again to The Herbalist and his pal

You always bright up my day!!!

Good Vibrations for Everyone!!

Carlos Harrison - SP - Brazil

Anonymous said...

Bittova is not Polish!!!! I wish she was, but...

Weaver_23ph said...

Bittova is not Polish!!!! I wish she was, but...

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