Monday, August 21, 2006

Banzai - Hora Nata {Belgium} [1974] @256 (prog rock)

Hello good ears! today i am very happy..when reading the e-mails,..i noticed one of our friend wanted to share a great belgian band with prognotfroggers :) this band is one of my favorite band from belgian scene..thanks a lot for this e.c. you know what kind of a copy/paster i am :) so i copy/paste the mail here with pleasure:

i'd like to give you a nice 70's Belgian symphonic prog album, Hora Nata by Banzaï. Think instrumental Genesis/Yes/Focus ... it's a rip from the original vinyl 33rpm, sorry no cover yet (scanner's too small) but small preview inside each mp3 - some info in txt-file
I know there exist cd-re-releases with lots of bonustracks, but I can assure you that those extra tracks have nothing in common with Hora Nata! They are from a few years later and are much more pop-oriented, not that adventurous ...

feel free to share the files ... or not

Banzai was along with Machiavel one of the symphonic progressive rock
bands to come from Belgium in the 70's. Their only album consisted of
complex 70's symphonic progressive rock as typical and traditional as it
possibly can get. Main influences were clearly Yes, Genesis, Focus and
some Gentle Giant. Three of the five tracks are pure instrumentals,
while "Try" and "Three Magicians" features vocals. Especially "Try" has
some convincing Yes-like vocal-harmonies. Personally I feel that
"Obelisk" and "Hattrick" are the best tracks. Both have a great degree of
complexity, and the melodic guitar-playing reminds a lot of Jan Akkerman.
But the whole band sounded like accomplished musicians. A few passages
also include some orchestration. "Hora Nata" is derivative and not very
original in any way, but it's still quite solid stuff if you can't get
enough of that classic 70's symphonic progressive rock sound.

Three Magicians..

Links in comments..Keep Listening!!


You know these blogs are home for all of us..but it is a pity we can only meet in comments and e-mails..Some of friends request albums..some of friends ready to share their experiences on music..well we try to send requests but we dont have we are thinking to create an area to share our experiences, requests,discussions,concert dates,events.. it will be great, to be all together..and collective work with other blog owners..

think of it: it may be very hard for us (you counted) to find an album from Japan 70's but a Japanese friend can find album and share it in great quality..we may not keep track of good music from Argentina..but a friend from Argentina can inform us..Maybe a great concert will be in Egypt but no-one knows..A friend from Egypt can give us the best information.....

Maybe a chat program? maybe a group like yahoogroups? maybe a forum? Let we all together give it a shape :) we are sure it will be great to be more interactive!

We are waiting comments of you and our blogger friends
to give it a shape.



Anonymous said...

Peter Torfs, organ, piano electric piano, string ensemble,
moog-synthesizer, vocals; Evert Verhees, acc=oustic guitar, electric bass, foot
bass, piano, vocals; John Mc O, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, vocals;
Ludwig Kemat, tumbas, metalaphone, marimba, vibes, percussion; Erry
Foix, drums, percussion

1. You Always Like An Entree? Ñ 2:13
2. Try Ñ 7:44
a. Hopeful Strive
b. Step by Step
c. Find the Way
3. Obelisk Ñ 11:06
a. Like a Stalagmite
b. Hora Nata
c. Stalagmit in my Jam
d. Wet the Ropes
4. Hattrick Ñ 7:32
a. My First Hot-Pants
b. Kick and Rush
c. The Final Was the Third Game
5. Three Magicians (part 1) Ñ 12:13
a. Once
b. Theme of the Rainbow
c. Bermst
d. We'll Bring You the Sun

Click here to download.

Anonymous said...


first of all, terathanks for the stuff you share. Prog Not Frog is in my honest opinion the best blog in this part of universe, although i profoundly respect all sharing bloggers.

i have found plenty of music which is very hard to get on the blogs, but nowhere more than here. i remember i have read about Firyuza on GEPR, but stopped dreaming about it in previous century. when i saw it on your blog i fell on my back and almost stopped breathing. i guess this says everything.

regarding the community, i'd combine chat and forum, maybe all three, although i'm not the most qualified to establish it.

keep on prognotfrogging. i salute you. see ya in community. anoisymous.

the6070Rock said...

My vote: YAHOO GROUP !!!


Anonymous said...

I would love to join the forum that you are talking about, but the only rare albums I have are ones I have downloaded from blogs [i am just 15] so i would not be able to contribute much to peoples request.
would I still be able to join

Anonymous said...

May thanks for this little symphonic masterpiece. A real gem from the past.
Go on with your blog, it's great.


Anonymous said...

I like your blog very much. Not only your blog name but also your ideas are progressive too! Thanks for the album. A forum or a Yahoo group will be good for all of us. You guyz doing great! xD

Greetings from Spain


Art Rock said...

I'd join a forum like this. I have tonnes of prog, much of it legal on CD.

TehAngryMonkey said...

Yes, I agree. My blog is pretty new, and it would be great to be able to get news of my new prog blog out as well as take requests. Great idea...

Anonymous said...

And maybe a chat room on soulseek?
I can share to you a lot of music but it's problem to me post it on blog (for example, my english isn't fine) - then you can post it!
And have a lot of cd-covers too!Think about it!
On slsk my nick name is poor_2004

The Tutorial Machine said...

hello nahavanda,

could you please re-upload BANZAI - HORA NATA ? Because the links at and/or
are no longer exist.


bathmate said...

Yes, I agree. My blog is pretty new, and it would be great to be able to get news of my new prog blog out as well as take requests.Very interesting posting. Thanks for the info. Keep it coming.

Alex B said...

Not so much original, but pleasant and beautiful album of symphonic prog. It´s not a masterpiece, but the work of keys is pretty.

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