Saturday, August 05, 2006

Mavi Sakal – İki Yol {Turkey} [1997] @320 (prog rock)

this is one of my favourite band..i was a radio dj when that album relaised..recording company sent this album to radios for a demonstration (but not a demo) of their up comming album kan kokusu(1997). except one song the other 2 songs relaised in kan kokusu this album there are only 3 they did a new may download/listen their last album for free here

İki yol..

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Anonymous said...

Click here to download.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely goregous music! Thanks so much for the share. Question, I have gone to the website to download the new album.. but am a bit confused as to where it is that I find it? Being an old hippie who barely makes his way in the cyber world I am easily confused. Could you give an old guy clear instructions once one gets to the site? I really appreciate the help. Dr. Q

Anonymous said...

i am glad to listen mavi sakal here..this band is my favourite too..and it will be so long times i think..thanks for your good choises;)

nahavanda said...

hello..sorry for my late reply..well i had a look at the site..unfortunately..some songs removed..but there is 3 songs still there in this page right click "zorla" "manyak olamazsin" "zorla (kareoke)" and click save target know what to do i noticed they are still working to give a shape to their last sure when this album completely ready..i will tell from here..and sorry for my bad english :( sometimes couses problems..have a nice and easy day Dr.Q :)

and thank you 2 ires :) hehe you need to send that 3 beers via email mebbe..have a nice day

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