Saturday, August 26, 2006

Prog Not Frog Radio Presents: The Voice of The Moon #010, With The Herbalist (This Week We Celebrate Number 10! Back to Basics! Rock!)

Hey! Ten Shows Already! Yeah!, and I am very happy about it because more and more people is downloading the Voice of The Moon.

Thank You!

If you have any suggestion that you think will help to improve the show please leave us a comment and we'll ponder it.

This week we'll play rock. At least what we believe is rock, which of course will be far from the mainstream concept of Rock.

We'll start from the Post Industrial / Big Band dreams of Steroid Maximus, then we'll move to experimentalists like Drums & Tuba, psych & indy Warriors like Bevis Frond, peculiar and forgotten bands Like The Moles and of course a bunch of surprises that I do hope you all enjoy.

This 1oth Show is dedicated to the memory of Laura Casasola. May she play her piano for the Gods. They'll enjoy listening to her.


hitmewithit said...

Hello there, I just LOVE this site.
I have searched the online world(!) for some time bow in the vain hopes of finding a digital copy of an album I have lying around here for years, it hasn't been played since my last record deck died (about 6 years ago). I doubt I will buy a replacement, I like MP3 too much now.
Anyway, the album is...
Amazing Blondel - The Amazing Blondel.
I don't have the record here right now so not even sure of the year but I think it was 1970 or '72?
Anyway, if anyone can help me it would be you!
(great, I found a torrent of another album of theirs on my search tonight.
Would still love to hear that one though!

Jaime Antonio Alvarez said...

I have the Amazing Blondel album you're looking for.
And I am going to upload it to Rapidshare for you.
It is not something we do often because we're always behind our posting schedule, but you seem to really NEED, this album and every real music lover understands what kind of craving that is.
As soon as the upload is finished I will post the link here. Unless I fall asleep first. In that case I'll post it tomorrow morning...

Be well! and Thanks for listening!

Anonymous said...

Bravo for everything in this blog, but specially for "Prog Not Frog Radio Presents No 10,11"
Where i can find the others before 10? thank you anyway for what you have here.

Jaime Antonio Alvarez said...

To get previous shows, hit the picture link at the begining of the page that says PNF radio.
It will lead you to which is the site for The Voice of The Moon.
There're you'll find all the webcasts.
Thanks for Listening!!!

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