Thursday, August 24, 2006

Radio Noisz Ensemble- "Yniverze" {GER} [1981] @192 (Prog-Folk Ethnic Fusion)

Hello people, first, I would like to thank all our readers for such enthuasiastic answers to Nahavanda's post.

With that band name, "Radio Noisz Ensemble" sounds, at first sight, like a droney noise industrial band, kinda Merzbow or Ruins, far from that, their only album"Yniverse" is in the same territory as Clivage, Third ear band, Aktuala or Between.

At a glance you might think how this guys with only one album, could sound so bright and mature... the answer lies in the fact that RNE arise from the ashes of "Emma Myldenberger" a marvelously folk act with 2 albums in his hand, a little more traditional, but equally impressive.

Yniverse is an Awesome Tour de Force ranging from the far echoes of the middle east through the ethnic forces of western europe. Accompanied by eastern string instruments and hypnotic percussion the Oboe clearly stands up as king of all the ensemble, so, if you are as myself, a lover of this magical instrument you'll be marvelously amazed.

By the Way, you will be pleased to know that legendary Guru-Guru Drummer Mani Nummeier is involved with all the percusseive sectyion of this album, another great reason for krautrockers to own such an artifact.

If you love the Radio Noisz Ensemble sound its worthly check out our Friend Blog Ezhevika Fields for Pre-RNE band "Emma Myldenberger" albums: Emma Myldenberger and Tour De trance

Well lads, sit on the nearest carpet, turn on the music, start to fly and, of course...

Keep Listening!

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Radio Noisz Ensemble- "double spring code 1-2"


Algarnas said...

Here's the Link

Radio Noisz Ensemble-"Yniverse"

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this. Real interesting and some great time changes!!! Cheers!

Algarnas said...

Indeed Muse, many thanks for your time and interest.

See Ya!

Anonymous said...

Thankyou, this is just wonderful, gorgeous stuff. From the band name, and the front cover, I'd expect some kind of trippy proto-industrial krautrock, and even though this music is nothing like that, I am not disappointed :-)

Algarnas said...

Cool man, really glad you like it!

Anonymous said...

just enjoy in this band
again and again and again.....

Anonymous said...

Sorry but my english is not good enough...
Que lástima que ya no lo alcancé a bajar, pues conozco tu blog apenas hace un mes y me parece el mas increible e interesante de todos los blogs de musica que conozco!!!
Y este disco me causa un interés muy particular desde que sé que existe, y que colabora Mani Neumeier en la percusión.
Lo volverías a subir???
Could you re-up again please???
Mexico City

Anonymous said...

Link is dead :(
pls. re-up ? JayB

isabelbc said...

try here :o)

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