Thursday, August 24, 2006

Hot Thumbs O' Riley - Wicked Ivory {FIN} [1972] @128 (Frantic Prog Cabaret)


Let's Discover who is Hot Thumbs O'Reilly in the Finnish prog world and his Fantastic "Wicked Ivory Album", quoting "The Scourger":

"Definitely one of the weirdest albums in my collection. I am in fact quite sure that this would be one of the weirdest officially-released albums in any collection! This could never have been made by anyone other than the great British eccentric Jim Pembroke, vocalist and one of the songwriters in the classic Finnish prog rock band Wigwam. This is his first solo album, and he is backed by all of Wigwam, plus even some ex-members.

The album is made like it was recorded on some smoky nightclub, with different artists being introduced by the "kind of friend of the owner of the club". All of these bizarre artists are very different - taking the stage in turns, to play blues, humour, prog, pop, cheese, just plain weird stuff, and so on. At some point of the night something goes wrong, and… Well, you'll have to listen to it for yourself.

This is not an easy listen, as most of the songs are performed in a very weird manner. The obvious highlight is "Grass for Blades", that later became a classic staple in Wigwam's live set. There are some other "real" songs as well. The rest might be a bit too much to stomach forsome people, but it's always fun."

Fans and non Fans of Wigwam & Co. Enjoy.

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Hot Thumbs O'Riley-"Blades of Grass"


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Hi "The Herbalist",
Once more time thanks from Italyfor sharing your great music.
I would like to inform you that unfortunately this link

Hot Thumbs O'Riley-"Wicked Ivory"

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This looks like would be killer..

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Thanks and thanks for this great music..This is one of the best blog for harder than hard to find great 570's lp's..

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Guess I'd dig this one (not sure tho) but the link won't work. It leads to the tiny url mainpage.

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Hot Thumbs O'Riley

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Just came accross this great band... is there any any chance of a reup?

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