Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Quad - "Quad' {UK} [1990-1997] @192 (Kraut Psych Ambient)

Hello kids this review is taken from Gerald Van Waes the link is on bottom.

"Sun Dial with its predecessor Modern Art started an exploration which was building up an important contribution to the 80’s and 90’s sound of psychedelia, which in reality became merely a very spaced out, loosely structured, stoned and improvised, as a kind of dream-to-sleep psychedelia, which had its own specific and not too large public.

Quad was a much later project by Gary Ramon, who in the meanwhile had worked with Current 93 a lot, amongst a few other bands. This was a solo project he recorded over the years first with two improvisations on electric sitar with lots of echoes, drums, bass and spacey keyboards. This isn’t too different from some Modern Art or even Sun Dial material, with its recognisable echoed room which has its own psychedelic effect, and the improvisations which build around and forward like smoke from of a joint.

Third and last, nice improvisation starts slightly more experimental, in its spacey rhythmic UFO-kind of repeated pulses, mixed with some Middle Eastern whistle instrument improvisation (clarinet like) at first. This improvisation soon is replaced by an electronically deformed female voice with some spoken word about a spacey or psychedelic experience, nicely gliding the listener into it as a hypnosis induced speech, until the earlier used kind of clarinet instrument and some keyboard ending outro concludes at over 21 minutes."


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Algarnas said...


Algarnas said...
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Anonymous said...

Hi Guys,
I loved your PNF online chat facility...... I've got a few requests but they're very very obscure.... I spoke to one of you guys about Sandstone....and I'll throw a few more at you soon.... keep up the great quality of prog and rare gems.... you're one of my favourites...!!!

Algarnas said...

Hello HOg, which sandstone do you mean, the contemporary one with the album "looking for myself"?

Anonymous said...

My man Lou at Music Masters ( here in the Chicago-area turned me onto this slice of brilliance about a year's a stunner!!

Hopefully others enjoy it as much as I.

I love the sound of the sitar (always have) and haven't ever heard it used to such awesome effect as on this album.

Anonymous said...

Any chance of a re-up? Pretty please?

isabelbc said...

hi dj,
try here :o)

Anonymous said...

Thanks,isabelbc, I was thinking this was a different album to the 'Quad' album, which i've already got a copy I realise it's the same one with a different cover & track listing [] Doh, as they say... I've been looking for something that doesn't exist (story of my life, etc) ;) Now I need to find 'Q'! Gary Ramon doesn't make it easy!

Unknown said...

Hey DJ, Here is some info for you: The first Quad album is about 700 copies, the second album is 99 copies and the third album (which is a cd) is 66 copies.... I hope you will find a copy! Cheers John -Synesthesia66-

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