Thursday, May 24, 2007

Joel Dugrenot - "Boomerang" {France} [1982] (jazz fusion)

In response to a respective request, here's another album of fine European fusion. This one is by Joel Dugrenot, the bass player with Zao. Dugrenot's solo discography features two full-fledged LP albums named 'Boomerang' and 'Mosaiques', and a mysterious tape release called 'See' which I haven't heard. 'Boomerang' is a record of fine mellow aerial jazz-rock with slight touches of spaciness. Some similarities can be found between this effort and late releases by Zao, although Dugrenot's music is generally softer, dreamier and more reflective. 'Boomerang' also reminds me of solo works by David Rose - which is not surprising given the extent of his participation in the creation of this album. Overall, this is an excellent work which I would strongly recommend to lovers of progressive fusion and zeuhl.

1. Sweet and hard
2. Cycles
3. Like eagles
4. Blood pressure
5. Green
6. Rainy day

7. Just by love
8. It's game


Joel Dugrenot - bass, percussion, synths
David Rose - violin
Marc Bonnet Maury - violin
Manuel Villaroel - piano
Claude Olmos - guitar
Jean My Truong - drums
Marc Hazon - drums

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Serhiy said...


Anonymous said...

hello!thx this is great music!
Sithlord from Hungary

Anonymous said...

For a long time I have searched all over the net for his album called "see" , can u do the trcik ?

This one and Mosaiques were reisued on CD some years ago, for some reason the one fro 184 not ...

Boomerang 1982,

See 1984,

and Mosaiques in 1989

Unknown said...

wow thanks a a lot for the effort serhiy !

nice piece of music..
stay happy.

Serhiy said...

2e prijs: Unfortunately, I don't have See. Would very much like to hear it myself...

roger said...

great album thanx

Calisan said...

Please any chance to re-up in FLAC?
Incredible fusion journey from ZAO member

Anonymous said...

A re-post would be wonderful. I asked on another blog many months ago but my request seems to be lost in a heap.

kinebee said...

I so would love to hear this, thanks for your hard work, ALOHA.

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