Thursday, May 24, 2007

Edward Artemiev - "Warmth of Earth" {Russia} [1986] (electronic prog)

One of the visitors who liked 'Ode to the Herald of Good' which I posted yesterday asked this album to be made available again. I gladly post here the 'Warmth of Earth', the heavy electronic symph effort by Edward Artemiev and his 'Boomerang' group. On this album, Artemiev gets as close to the ideology, sound and format of rock music as nowhere else in his extensive discography. Most of the compositions are in essence rock songs with vocal parts, refrain structures, relatively straight rhythmic patterns etc. At the same time 'Warmth of Earth' retains - at least partially - the special feeling peculiar to Artemiev's pure electronic works. Those who are into the kinds of music in between of electronics, hard rock and symphonic prog will probably enjoy this one.


1. Birth of earth
2. Who Am I?
3. Warmth of Earth
4. Meeting
5. Farewell
6. Expectation
7. Rekkens
8. Hope
9. Where Are You?
10. The Sky Full of Light
11. Finale

The exact line-up for this album I don't know. The link is to be found in comments.


Serhiy said...


Anonymous said...

Hello again!
Thank you very very much for your uploading! I'm so glad to listen to this disc again. I had been to Moscow in 1987 and then I bought "Warmth of Earth" there. It was vinyle disc from USSR national label MELODIA, and its condition was not good enough.


Serhiy said...

Hello! AFAIR, this album was re-released by Musea on a CD, so there's probably no need to put up with that poor Soviet vinyl any longer.

Anonymous said...

I'm looking for his album called "Urga"Can you post it? Thanks for all these albums.I discovered a lot of good things.

ushaped said...

thanks for this great record!
could you please repost the L'Orchestre Sympathique?


Anonymous said...

could not download form here, found just spam. Maybe my fauklt. After search could get a FLAC from torrent, wich includes some original mixes at the end of the "disc". To my surprise the new mix fucked up at least one (brilliant) arrangement that i could clearly hear in the original mix... Still sounds great. I just have the feeling i will never appreciate this work enough... I feel as a kid discovering music for the first time everytime, i fucking cry a lot!! Damn i´m going anonymous...

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