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Do Major - "To Go Out" {Russia} [1991] (avant prog)

'Do Major' and its leader Andrei Suchilin were an important driving force in Russian experimental rock movement from mid-80s to early 90s. They released two albums at the turn of the decades, both being no less than groundbreaking in the context of then-current local scene. While earlier effort called 'Noema' introduced the aesthetics of post-modern ambient fusion into independent rock music, the second album named 'To Go Out' showed what a seed sown by the Fripp's guitar school can grow into in the Russian soil. Andrei Suchilin attended Guitar Craft classes early 90s, and it was after that when "To Go Out" was recorded and released. "To Go Out" is quite an eclectic work, which at times resembles Fripp's "Exposure" as well as his early collaborations with Andy Summers, but also shows a number of other influences, including obvious references to oriental music. Overall, it is edgy guitar-lead avant-prog with bits of modern jazz, new-wave and world music carefully and creatively planted in. Citing RAIG: "Stylistically the album is all over the board... The band uses sampled voices taken from the Soviet-archives, driving and occasionally off center rhythmic schemes, Tchaikovsky themes mixed with angular, dangerous guitar and percussion interplay, 16th century Russian liturgies sung with Enoesque backdrops, deceptive rhythms, and songs that grind masterfully in a surreal way. The result is a completely unique sense of time and space".

Lovers of structured avantgarde music will most likely appreciate this album.


1. Watch Goes Sofa Stands I
2. Here Comes the Dream
3. Ding Here
4. To Go Out
5. Ha-Ja-Ja
6. Rahmantica I
7. Pattern Brown
8. Lei-Ha-Ha
9. Rahmantica II, III, II
10. Ding There
11. Watch Goes Sofa Stands II


Andrei Suchilin - guitars, keyboards, percussion, programming, voices
Mikhail Plotnikov - drums, percussion
Alexander Naumov - bass
Alexander Voronin - saxes, flute, keyboards

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10000 thanks for the wonderful music you're making discover to all us...!

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Re music of the eighties : here is my own album from 1989. Titus Luxor.
Could you download & post it? I would be very grateful - artwork is included.

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