Saturday, May 12, 2007

Bib Set - "It Wasn't Meant To Happen" {Sweden} [1969] (psych/prog)

Björn invar björn björnsson had during the 60’s founded the R’n’B group Bib Set in Osby in Sweden. With Ray Charles and Spencer Davis Group as models for the music. The name BIB comes from Björns initials. In 1967 they were suposed to record a 7” but it was never released. When groups like Led Zeppelin Hansson & Karlsson and Traffic were started to appear their way to play music was changed radical. The story about how they recorded their album goes like this: In 1969 they were supposed once again to record a 7” on yhe label ToniTon but the group never stoped playing.Just before the album was recorded Invar Björnsson he desert. He didnt want to play progressive music any more. Soon after they finished the recording of the album Roland Gärdh also desert and the gruop was history.

Hans Eng Organ
Ingvar Björnsson Vocal, Guitar
Roland Gärdh Drums
Tommy Tillman Sång Vocal,Bass

Arrival in Time..

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Thanks blokes of the PNF, much looked for the Bib Set... keep up the great works.... SC

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rather interested i hearing this. thanks!

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Only one word: THANKS!!!

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Thank you!

This is excellent stuff.

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At last! Very thanks!
Don't found anywhere two first Hansson & Karlsson albums (request).


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Reupload, please, please me.

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