Saturday, May 26, 2007

Modality Stew - "Modality Stew" {USA} [1978] (psych folk)

"Guitarist Sid Brown's first brush with popular recognition came as a member of Detroit's The Spike Drivers. Following the group's mid-1960s breakup Brown followed half of the country to Berkeley, California where he remained active in music, as well as writing a yoga column for the Bezerkly Tribe.

By the mid-1970s Brown was living in Vancouver, Washington where he continued to write and record material. I'll let the liner notes to 1978's "Modality Stew" pick up the story: "The creation of a spontaneous and purposely under-produced album free of technologic overkill and deified gadgetry began in Spring, 1978. For more than a year I had been involved in a mostly unsatisfactory, negative and painful recording project. For me it was a year of alienation, loneliness and a gnawing-knowing stress. As a disabled and dissapated (sic) rock n' roll veteran, it was painfully reminiscent of the not-too-goof-old-days of working for a major label recording company, a cynical manager and jaded producers: a nightmare of exploitation and greed. The depression of repeating history as I guilt-tripped myself into signing an oppressive recording contract lifted as I flew to Athens. Floating in a transcontinental limbo I felt bewitched, bothers and bewildered. Escaping, arriving, still hauling lots of psychic baggage, I did almost all of my site seeing within ..."
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nahavanda said...


cuorediformaggio said...

hi, pnf,
would it be possible to re-up the modality stew lp?

isabelbc said...

new link

cuorediformaggio said...

dear isabel,
thanks for your fast re-up.
Sorry to tell but the file is corrupted.
After much work I've been able to recover songs 5, 6, 7 and 8 but the rest is lost.
Can you solve this problem?
Thanks a lot.


isabelbc said...

hi cuorediformaggio,
i hope this link works well now :o)

cuorediformaggio said...

Thank you so much Isabel.


malcolm brown said...

I am considering re-release of Modality Stew. As a child, I remember the studio sessions and the first view of the cover artwork. Still one of my favorite albums of my late father. So glad others enjoyed it as well. Peace. -Malcolm Brown

Anonymous said...

Malcolm, that would be wonderful. I have only heard two songs from this LP (and the download here no longer works) and it's lovely, intriguing stuff.

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