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Kleptomania - "Elephants Lost" {Belgium} [1972] (Blues Rock, Psychedelic Rock, Prog Rock ) (@256)

Kleptomania came from Belgium and was founded in 1969 by Dany Lademacher, Roger Vollaert and Charlie DeRademaeker, who made experiences in other belgian groups before. They played progressive rock with two guitars, bass, vocals and drums and were an important live-band in Belgium at that time. It´s only selftitled album was recorded in 1971 at Flame-Records, Hilversum, but could not be released, because Flame-Records broke at this
time. In 1979 the record was released in Nehterlands without the consent of the band in a very small quantity. Between 1969 and 1975 the band made also five singles, all very well done. This official reissue now includes the complete work of the LP and all five singles. It comes as double-album as 180 gram vinyl and is limited to 500 copies.

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01 - Intro (2:54)
02 - Improve (5:52)
03 - Moonchild (4:15)
04 - Stop (4:45)
05 - Eligie (5:32)
06 - Thema (5:31)
07 - Cadens (1:40)
08 - Travel (4:02)
09 - Intrude (6:23)
10 - Visit For Above (6:00)
11 - Divertimentos (11:01)
12 - Sign On My Head (3:54)
13 - From The Beginning (4:37)
14 - The Band (3:17)

- Danny Lademacher (guitar, vocals)
- Wim Hombergen (guitar, vocals)
- Roger Wollaert (drums)
- Charlie Deraedemaeker (bass, “ex-les eagles”)
- John(?!?) on drums
- Francis Goya (guitar,“ex-Liberty Six”)
- Lou Deprijck (guitar, vocals, “ex-Liberty Six”)

02 - Improve .....
03 - Moonchild ......
10 - Visit For Above ...

Link for download "Kleptomania - 1972 - Elephants Lost" in comments ...


isabelbc said...

Part 1:
Part 2:

Anonymous said...

Thanks for a really great post.This album knocks me out!

psychfan said...

Thanks for this one, it's great! Love that guitar!

Anonymous said...

Hi! Thanks for this upload!
Unfortunately it seems that this is not the re-release from their complete works, although stated in the info here above:
the 5 singles (A- en B sides) and some bonus tracks from the Cd are not included..
Any possibility to complete this important release, plse?

Thanks for your hard work,

isabelbc said...
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isabelbc said...

Sorry, I don't have album "Kleptomania".

Look album "ELEPHANTS LOST" in >>

Thank you for comments and downloads


hh said...

Got this 2 cd

Kinda like Kahvas Jute like stuff

They need more attention!

isabelbc said...

new link

Anonymous said...

please, please re-up on FLAC or Wave

Anonymous said...

2-CD version in FLAC:

CD1 -
CD2 -

Includes log cue and art



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new f l a c links up, please !! -- titokzatoscsatater

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