Saturday, May 26, 2007

Spilld Mjölk - "Svart Mjölk" {Sweden} [1975] (Progressive rock/Hippie)

Very little known about this group. It was made by a couple of students from the town Kalix in the north of Sweden. This is there only release and are one of the rarest records from Sweden. It is a mono recording but we love it anyway.

Erik Ahlstrand Vocals, Guitar, Drums
Gunnar Strömberg Vocals
Kerst Lindkvist Vocals
Lars Fryxholm Drums, Violin
Sven Kestikalo Sitar
Thomas Eklund Vocals, Guitar, Harmonica
Tommy Skotte Vocals, Flute, Saxophon, Guitar

I hope you will enjoy it : )
Your Hippie from Sweden

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Hello - Lars Frykholm, here.Attended
Kalix Academy Of Media Communications
with Tommy Skotte 1974-75. Tommy and co-writer Erik Ahlstrand asked me to produce the album, which I did (in addition to playing fiddle and the bulk of the percussion). The album was recorded on a Revox A-77 in the Academy broadcasting studio(hence the somewhat newscastesque sound). Tommy went on to become a noted bass player on the swedish avantgarde-jazz scene. I went on to L.A., where I'm nowadays recording/performing as WOLF STEPS. Nice talkin' 2 y'all! -L.F. a.k.a. W.S.

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Thanx a lot!

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Can you reupload Spilld Mjölk? I would love to hear it :)

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Broken Link. Plz repost. TY

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