Monday, May 14, 2007

Full Moon - "Moon Fools" {Netherlands} [1971] (psych folk)

I couldnt find a good information on net. A nice accoustic folk band with violin,guitar & bongo. Informations welcome.


thanks to hwabian ;)


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Welcome back Nahavanda !
I really enjoy that band, simple and very good music...
Thanks for your posts !

Anonymous said...

It's a really nice band, with nice music, a great post, thanks.

Just have a question :
Why is there only 5 tracks whereas the cover mentions 6 of them ?

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thanks, downloading

brother dylan said...

Members: Lucas Amor - violin, Johannus Luttik - guitar and vocal and Norman Halsall - bongos and tablas.

it also looks like this was released in 1977.

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This band was formed after the break-up of Ei Ei & The Klutsers and consists of ex-members of this legendary band.

Anonymous said...

wow. I agree that the arrangements are simple, but the music is anything but. creative, dynamic, and demonstrating that rarest of commodities in prog music- empathetic plying between the members, guitar and violin especially. who can tell me more about ei ei and the clusters? i can be reached at

Arlo said...

This is just... Cool.
But I believe the original album is from 1976...
Oh, and about Ei Ei en de Klutsers, I believe this is their site

Arlo said...

No, actually I don't think that was their site...

Arlo said...

This album really is amazing. Really. It now belongs to one of my all-time favorite albums ever. And I'm not just saying that.

Pity, though, there's near-nothing known about this band. Does anyone know more?

I see it's released in '77.

Band members are:
Lucas Amor (violin)
Johannus Lattik (guitar, vocals) Norman Malsall (bongos, tablas)

Text on the back cover:
"Full Moon started in the beginning of september 1976 with playing. After a lot of gigs people started to ask whether we made already an L.P.
Now we made for you our own product to have just a little remembrance from our stage performance.
There is no commercial record company involved with this product because we wanted to have our own freedom and space.
All this has been possible only by the wonderfull help of Ben Willard who
(???) recorded "Moon Fools".
We hope you like our music.

I see the back cover is a CD insert, how can that be? It was a record release...

Oh and I looked up the band members.
This is probably Lucas Amor:
Can't wind the other two...

More info: 500 copies were made. Half of the album live, the other half is studio.

The cover says it was released in 1977, though everywhere else on the internet I find it was released in '76.

Here's a link (of interest?)

Don't know if this post was helpful or something. Hope it was...
At least it analyses and summarises it all.

I'm sure there are people who know more about it, so come on, tell us all about it! P:

lucas amor said...

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