Friday, May 25, 2007

Sound Express - "Sound Express" {Sweden} [1969] (prog/psych/jazz)

Sound express was formed in a smal town named Vänersborg in Sweden. And was appointed as the best debut album of the year back in 1969 by evening paper Aftonbladet. The band consists by the duo Tillbjörn Persson and Ingemar Landén. That have been playing Beatles influenced music during the 60's under the name Tilles. But when the band disbanded they created Sound Express. Their first suggestion of band name was Regis Gotorum that means Götarnas Konung. But it wasent a good suggestion so they changed it to Sound Express. And was signed by the record label Anette. they only released one album but what a masterpeice! It sounds like Hansson & Karlsson and sometiems even better. Heavy jazz influenced psych with just drums and organ and some elements of harmonica and guitar.

Ingmar Lanén Drums and Harmonica
Tillbjörn Persson Organ and Guitar
Best wishes from Sweden : )

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Anonymous said...

To dld use this link copy and paste would work fine.

Your friend Ola :)

Anonymous said...

Great album, thanks !
My beloved Sweden!


charles said...

nice blog

Anonymous said...

thanks! I was searching this.

Zazerkalie group said...

Thank you for information.

Tami said...

Hi, I hope this finds all well!this is Tami from USA
I met you guys in Teneriffe like 20 years ago then I came to Maristad and traveled with you guys for a bit, I hope you all remember me please write back.

Anonymous said...

This is Hummond B3, thanks!

Jörg said...

Here's some similar stuff from Sweden, 1973:

Anonymous said...

Whozzup!?! In late 60's I played with Andreas Aar-
flot (Classical organ trained genius that went on
to arrange for ABBA and others). We went to see
Hansson & Karlsson in Lulea, Sweden, and after that there was no looking back! Sound Express, released on a tiny "pop"(?) label in 1969, was another shot in the arm. Today, I've got all the musical sounds known to Man at my fingertips - but guess what? I'm STILL trying to fit a Thomas or a Hammond B3 into the wifee-poos concept of a Happy Home... STAY COOL, Y'All!/Lars Frykholm

Anonymous said...

Can anyone post a new download link? I been looking for this album for a couple of years now.

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