Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Fire - "Could You Understand Me" {Yugoslavia} [1973] (Heavy psych fuzz monster)

This one my dear friends its maybe on of the best heavy fuzz albums ever from Europe. A true power trio that camed from Yugoslavia but recorded their one and only album in Holland back in 1973. Pretty cool that it is lyrics in both yugoslavian and english. And so much fuzz that it will be enough for ten albums. Now days this is a very rare record, it was originaly released on the private label Killroy in Holland. I think this is a rip on one of the first cd releases of this album that camed 1994(but the pics I have downloaded on the Internet) on the label Coven this one got the number Coven 2. If you know what more they have relesed please write in comments. Their influences most have been groups like Cream, Blue Cheer and Hendrix. So if you like heavy fuzz rock this one is for you

Jura Havidi`c Guitar, Vocals
Miljenko Bali`c Bass
Emil Vugrinec Drums, Vocals


Could You Understand Me (Havidi`c) 3.36
Dedicated To Love (Fire/Dui`c) 3.02
Memory Of Love (Dui`c, havidi`c) 5,08
Jedan Divan Dan (Bali`c, Havidi`c) 7,33
Hey You (Havidi`c) 6,38
Where Are You (Vugrinec) 3.21
Flames (Fire) 9.00

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Best wishes from Sweden


Unknown said...

Copy and paste this one to download.


Anonymous said...

A great mind-melting record.

mina said...

just as i suspected; another fantastic post from you! thanks (:

Anonymous said...

Great posts!!Your blog is the best.Just one request:HANSSON and KARLSSON (Sweden). Do you have anything?Thanks.

Unknown said...

Hi,I got all their albums so maybe I should post their 2 first?

Anonymous said...

Many thanks, it'll be great.I think many people are interested in the early 70s Scandinavian music.The Bib Set album posted in this blog is very good...
Best regards from Brasil.

Glenn Baskin said...

Thanks look forward to hearing this

Anonymous said...

yugoslavian language does not exist, there are Slovenian, Croatian and Serbian (Serbo-Croatian).

Anonymous said...

There are a few good tracks on here, but one of the best fuzz albums to come out of Europe? I don't think so. These guys could play guitar a little more, if you ask me. Next to The 4 Levels of Existence, they sound like a girl group.

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