Monday, May 28, 2007

Kaveret - "Poogy Tales" {Israel} [1973]

Kaveret (Hebrew: כוורת, meaning "beehive") was an Israeli rock band in the 1970's that won much fame around the world for their often humorous songs and unique style of music.

The band, several of whose members met during their service in the IDF, formed in 1973. It broke up in 1976, by consensus of the band members. Subsequently, Kaveret veterans Gidi Gov and Danny Sanderson along with female vocalist Mazi Cohen and other musicians, formed a spinoff band named "Gazoz", and later, another named "Doda".

Many songs by Kaveret became embedded in Israeli culture and are familiar also to the new generation of Israeli youth.

In 1974, Kaveret represented Israel in the Eurovision Song Contest with their song, "Natati La Chaiai" (נתתי לה חיי, "I Gave Her My Life"). It finished 7th.

Once every decade or so, Kaveret holds a reunion tour with performances in Israel and abroad. Their last tour with the entire ensemble was in 2000, raising money to fund lifesaving surgery required by band member Yitzhak Klapter. more here

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