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Egil Straume Jazz Combo - "Fiesta" {Latvia} [1977] (jazz fusion)

Welcome this fine album by Latvian jazz septet led by Egil Straume, a prominent saxophone player and a respected figure at the Soviet jazz scene. Besides his collaboration with Gunnar Rozenbergs Band and his work with National TV and Radio Band of Latvia, Straume is known as a pioneer of experimental jazz in Latvia. "Fiesta" is probably the only officially released account of Straume's early efforts with a chamber jazz outfit that he organized in 1977. The album features slightly above half an hour of well structured, extremely rich in themes, dense and emotional quirky fusion with complex rhythmic patterns and masterful interplay between a strong four-piece brass section and swirling keyboards. To me, it is excellent by any standard existing in what we call progressive music. I don't have much information about the band's background and history. Egil Straume is known to have been working mostly in the format of trio with different musicians since 1980s and on, but I don't know of any other releases by him apart from a brief appearance on a "Red Square Groove" jazz compilation.

1. Ekstraversija
2. Koralis
3. 1:07
4. Introversija
5. Fiesta
6. Zoria - Moria
7. Aditi


E. Straume - clarinet, saxophones, acoustic piano
H. Kiops - bass
K. Rutentals - electric organ
I. Birkans - flute, saxophones
U. Stabulnieks - keyboards
P. Mierlejs - trombone
G. Rozenbergs - trumpet, harmonica, flutes, percussion
M. Briezkalns - drums, percussion

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hello!thx this Fiesta.this is great music!
Sithlord from Hungary

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I agree - another really good one...this reminds a little of Master Cylinder from the US.

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I have this one on vynil from 1979
and enjoy for this time

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