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Arti & Mestieri - "Quinto Stato" [1979] @ 256 (Italian Jazz Fusion)

One of the groups of the Italian Cramps label, Arti & Mestieri of Turin were form you around to the 1974 from the former drummer of Trip Furio Chirico (who had previously also played with the Boys of Sole and Martò and the Judas) with other musicians with various musical experiences. Gigi Venegoni (guitar, synth), Giovanni Vigliar (violin, voice, percussions) and Arthur Vitale (sax, clarinet, vibraphone) played with the Dream of Archimedes, a progressive rock/jazz fusion group. Often playing with Area, they shared their interest towards a fusion of jazz-rock with elements of progressive music, and the first album, Tilt, is an optimal result, even if the limited vocal parts were their weak point. The album comprised of only two vocal tracks, the rest were instrumentals.

In 1975, their second album, Giro di Valzer per Domani, saw the income of a singer, Gianfranco Gaza from Procession, and the album has a much better sound and production than the first one, of which it resumes the style but with some jazzy elements. Two of the better songs of the album, the instrumental Valzer in order tomorrow and the sung brano To know to feel exited also like 45 turns. After some years of interruption, in 1979 they released a third album, Quinto Stato, with the always guided group from Chirico but with a various formation and in a more traditional style jazz-rock, while the album seemed to be headed more and more clearly towards a kind fusion.

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Gianfranco Gaza (voice)
Gigi Venegoni (guitar, synth)
Beppe Crovella (keyboards)
Giovanni Vigliar (violin, voice, percussions)
Arthur Vitale (sax, clarinet, vibraphone)
Mark Welsh (bass)
Furio Chirico (battery, percussions)

Track 6 - D'essy
Track 7 - Arti

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Thank you so much. Arti & Mestieri are one of my favorites in the Italian prog realm. I loved "Tilt" as well...well worth checking out.

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