Saturday, June 24, 2006

Jade Warrior - Jade Warrior 1971 @ 192 (British ambient rock)

Jade Warrior were, in many ways, ahead of their time. 1971 was a time of heavy rock, prog and the last of the psycheledic bands.

Jade warrior went against all this and produced a series of what can only be described as ambient albums, notably "Waves" and "Way Of The Sun" The duo of Jon Field and Tony Duhig played most of the instruments themselves with extensive overdubbing and relied heavily on acoustic instruments. That is not say that they did not look forward, they engaged the cream of the British musicians to assist and dabbled in electronics, such as it was then.

This album is their first excursion into this world and while their blueprint is not fully formed on this album, it gives a clear indication as to what was to come. As the album is a Vertigo release, the cover art is excellent.

Well worth a listen. If there is sufficient interest (and there should be) I will post other morsels from their canon.

Sundial Song

Keep Listening !!!

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micaus said...
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micaus said...

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Anonymous said...

Been looking for these for ages. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Great Album! I love this! Thanks!

John Joannou said...

Hey, thanks for a great post!
I already have Last Autumn's Dream which is quite good and I'd love to hear more...

Thanks once again.

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