Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Steve Goodman - Jessie's Jig And Other Favourites [1976] @256 (American singer - songwriter)

The comments that I made in the Danny O'Keefe post apply here also. Again, Goodman did have some success at the beginning of his career with "City Of New Orleans", a hit for Arlo Guthrie in the late 60's. Also, he had major label support (Asylum Records) that enabled him to record with the best musicians the label could muster.

That's where the similiarities with O'Keefe end. Goodman was a fine songwriter, frankly, one of the best. His albums contain a mixture of the serious and the flippant, with perhaps an emphasis on more lighthearted material, with a few covers tossed in, for example, "It's A Sin To Tell A Lie" and reference to old time music, here represented by "Jessie's Jig", with Vasaar Clements and Jethro Burns.

As far as I am aware, he made only half a dozen or so albums before he was cruely struck down with luekemia when still young. He continued to released his own material through Red Pajamas Records after he became seriously ill, mostly cobbled together from what he had recorded and live shows, although his last album "Santa Ana Winds" was made up of unreleased songs.

He died in September 1984, just 36 years old.

A fine songwriter and one that should not be forgotten.

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