Sunday, June 25, 2006

The Voice of The Moon -> A Music Podcast, Webradio Show, or whatever you wanna call it, performed and conceived by The Herbalist

I've been thinking about doing a few experiments in podcasting. So this is the result of the first one.
Although I have had some experience in radio, I have never done a show in english, so forgive my pronuntiation or any grammar mistake I might have done.

I am not sure if I am going to do this regularly. I wish I had the time. We'll see. I also wish I could get paid for this.

Podacst should be kept light, so don't expect the sound quality you're used to when you get any recommendation from ProgNotFrog. Anyway I am sure it reaches an enjoyable level.

I kept information about the music at a minimal level. A radio show is not a lesson on the history of a songor a band . The star is the music itself, not the DJ, even if he/she is a walking music encyclopedia.

I had a lot of fun doing the sound effects , intro, teasers and outro. Music selection was entirely a quasi-random process. If I keep doing this you should expect in eclectcism, in big quantities. I've never liked be constrained or imprisoned in any genre. Not even rock or prog. Not even western or modern music for that matters. I wish I had albums recorded in Pluto. I am sure they are great. (Unless the RIAA has an office there).

Please leave some comments (or I'll never do another podcast)

Keep Listening...!!!

You can reach The Voice Of The Moon here


Brett said...

great idea! i think i may do something like this for local bands in my city.

i've only listened to half but great music and hilarious effects between songs. something about foreigners voice's that make americans laugh...

oh well, keep up the good work. i hope other people comment so you keep doing this!

Anonymous said...

An Interesting effort with very good music and comments. Please go ahead with that project and let we may keep listening.

kqwiet said...

Hey this is the other one I'm missing. Any chance for a re-post? Cheers! Keep up the great music :)

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