Thursday, June 22, 2006

John Abercrombie - Straight Flight [1979] @ 224 (jazz guitar)

Abercrombie is one of the elite electric guitarist in jazz, along with McLaughlin, Bill Frisell and John Schofield. He has had a long association with ECM records making a many beautifully recorded landmark albums. If you don't have "Timeless", get it.

This is an odd release in 2 respects. Firstly, you only need to look at the cover (I wish albums still cost $5.98!) to see that it's a world away from the crafted artwork of ECM. Secondly, he plays a standards in a mainstream trio setting, assisted by George Mraz on bass and Peter Donald on drums.

I would assume that is why it is on this obscure label, it just would not fit the ECM image. In many ways it is a precurser to the albums he would make with pianist Andy LaVerne in the late '80's and '90's.

The point about musicians such as Abercrombie is that not only can he change stlye from the modern to mainstream , but can do it better than most seasoned practitioners. As such, it is is an excellent example of the guitarist craft, supported noteably by Marz, who played with Bill Evans on so many classic recordings.

Nardis (Miles Davis) 6:44.

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